Lincoln Middle School

Lincoln Middle School

Marla Haugen, Coach
Coach Marla Haugen has taught middle school science for six years and high school natural resources, plant science and animal science before that.  She enjoys teaching about the life sciences and learning more about the physical sciences.  While competing in person at Science Bowl Nationals would have been better, this year's team made virtual so much fun!  We went exploring hidden spaces at school to participate and much to Coach Haugen's relief nobody got lost.  We played a German card game called Biberbande as well as a loud and sometimes physical game of Pit.  The best part of the stormy day was when she surprised the boys with her basketball skills.  And of course, getting their money's worth and playing every Science Bowl round they could possibly play in.  Remember these things -  it is more about the friends you make along the way and the answer is always basalt.  Coach Haugen is sure going to miss this diverse group of science nerds.

Sahil Ganjyal
Sahil Ganjyal is an eighth-grader at Lincoln Middle School in Pullman, Washington. His favorite subject in school is math, and he is currently taking calculus at Pullman High School. He really likes traveling, especially to national parks. He has visited nine of them in total. During winter break, he took a trip to Arizona, and visited its three national parks: Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, and Saguaro. Sahil is also an avid gym-goer (at least twice a week), and likes to read in his free time. His favorite books include Ready Player One by Clint Eastwood, and They Will Both Die In The End by Adam Silvera. For sports, Sahil does Jiu Jitsu at a local gym.

Jasper Premo
Jasper Premo is an eighth-grader at Lincoln Middle School in Pullman, Washington. He has participated in all three years of Science Bowl at his school, but this year was his first chance at Nationals. He enjoys the intensity and intrigue of the competition, and is happy that it has stayed that way even when online. Jasper plays the saxophone and is fluent in English, German, and Spanish. He enjoys biking and is an avid soccer and pickleball player. His favorite book genres are science fiction and history. Jasper loves the complex, interwoven system that is his native planet. He plans to pursue a career in the sciences, although of the field he is still unsure.

Svanik Bose
Svanik Bose is an eighth-grader from Lincoln Middle School in Pullman, Washington. Apart from science bowl, he participates in the school math team and Science Olympiad. Outside of extracurricular activities, Svanik likes playing and watching basketball, building legos, and playing the cello and piano. Svanik’s favorite school subject is science, but in particular he likes studying astronomy and physics. He one day hopes to take these skills to NASA. He wishes everyone good luck at the competition!

Asher Wu
Asher Wu is a student in the eighth grade at Lincoln Middle School in Pullman, Washington. His interests and hobbies are reading fun books, playing chess, playing the violin and piano, learning science, solving math problems, playing badminton, riding bicycle, hiking, and swimming. He is involved in the Lincoln Middle School Orchestra, Greater Palouse Youth Orchestra, and the Math and Science Bowl teams. His favorite subjects are science, algebra, geometry, orchestra, and French. He plans to attend a university after graduating from Pullman High School. He played the violin in several music festivals and attended some math competitions. He loves watching the cooking channel on television. His favorite foods are eggs and fried rice.

Jack Carper
Jack Carper is a wacky eighth-grader from Pullman, WA who loves reading, theater, science, and basically any academic extra-curricular. Outside of school, he participates in Math Team, Science Bowl, chess lessons, performs in musicals, takes singing lessons, and regularly competes in chess tournaments. This is his third year competing in Science Bowl. He is elated to receive the chance to participate in this competition and wishes everyone the best of luck.