Jonas Clarke Middle School

Jonas Clarke Middle School

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Lorraine Grosslight, Coach
Coach Lorraine Grosslight, M.Ed. loves the enthusiasm, initiative, and dedication of the students participating in Science Bowl at Jonas Clarke Middle School where she has taught engineering and design for the past seven years. Before teaching in Lexington, Massachuttes she developed hands-on engineering curricula at the Museum of Science in Boston in collaboration with the Public Broadcasting Service.  She has also worked on several National Science Foundation funded research projects based at the Harvard Graduate School of education investigating the development of students' understanding of difficult science concepts and scientific models. She has a degree in math from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, is particularly interested in biomimicry in engineering, and continues to practice visual and performing arts. She has traveled extensively as a leadership development coach for executives. She is proud to be at the National Science Bowl for a sixth year and would like to thank all the parents and high school students who helped and supported the teams during yet another unusual year.

Jerry Xu
Jerry Xu is an eighth-grade student who enjoys math, biology, chemistry, history, and cooking, although his talent in the field of hypothesis is not to be underestimated. He is always ready to play a game of Magic The Gathering or a match of ping-pong. In school he participates in several math and science clubs, which he enjoys very much. He is thrilled to attend the National Science Bowl with his friends and is studying hard towards the end goal of the famed National Science Bowl ice cream. He hopes to have a career as a biotechnologist/microbiologist.

William Jung
William Jung is an eighth-grader whose favorite subjects are biology and chemistry. If asked about a third subject, he would respond with earth and space science, even though he feels like his earth and space science is better than his chemistry.  In his free time, he enjoys reading fantasy books and practicing his violin. His favorite classes this year are science and american history.  After learning a medium amount of Python, William is now studying R and data analysis techniques. He would like to have a career as a biologist or an engineer, and try to solve the world’s growing need for food.

Evin Liang
Evin Liang is a professional mathematician with a part-time career in Science Bowl. He has participated in a few math competitions and programs like PRIMES STEP and American Invitational Mathematics Examination.. When not being coerced into doing low-level math competitions, he enjoys doing math, programming, reading Wikipedia, editing Wikipedia, and arguing against the Copenhagen interpretation, often simultaneously.

William Tang
William Tang is an eighth-grader at Jonas Clarke Middle School whose favorite subjects in the science realm are biology and math. Although he struggles to play pieces with dynamics, William also likes to play the violin in his free time. He also swims competitively for the last seven years. Recently, coding has been a new hobby, and he has served as a teachers assistant at a coding school. In the future, William wants to focus on the cognitive sciences and business. He lives with his mom, dad, and an older brother who will soon go to college. Most importantly, though, William is beyond thrilled to participate as a member of the Jonas Clarke Middle School Science Bowl team!

Benjamin Yin
Benjamin Yin, also known as Bear, is a professional earth and space sciencer and mather. He can speak Mandarin and English fluently. In his free time, he enjoys reading NASA articles and roasting his friends. His favorite subject, besides science of course, is lunch. Even though Ben is an earth and space science main man, you should never mess with his biology skills. Ben's biology skills are through the roof, so good that his teammates have to bow down to him every time a biology question shows up.