Hutchinson Middle School

Hutchinson Middle School

Amanda Carmona, Coach
Coach Amanda Carmona graduated from Texas Tech University with her bachelor’s degree and later returned to get her teaching certificate and a master's degree in education.  She has taught thirty two years for the Lubbock Independent School District.  She moved from elementary school to Hutchinson Middle School fourteen years ago and never looked back.  She currently teaches eighth grade advanced science and eighth grade accelerated science at Hutchinson Middle School.  She serves as the school's Texas Math and Science Coaches Association science coach and is the sponsor for MATHCOUNTS.   Coach Carmona has engaged former students who now compete on the  Lubbock High Science Bowl team to volunteer weekly to coach the Hutchinson teams.  The love of learning, passion for science, and giving back to the community that these students exhibit is what Coach Carmona hopes to instill in all her students.  For Coach Carmona, working with dedicated students who invest so much of themselves and ask for nothing in return is a humbling experience!

Raaghav Nandana
Raaghav Nandana is a seventh-grader at Hutchinson Middle School.  He loves learning about science, especially biology and physics.  He plays tennis and is a division A player.  Raaghav also likes to solve the three by three Rubik's cube with an average speed of forty nine seconds.  Raaghav has studied college algebra for competitions.  He loves studying science for both Science Bowl and The Texas Math and Science Coaches Association science competitions.  He wants to major in biochemical engineering and go to medical school to become a radiologist.

Lishan Prado
Lishan Prado is very cool.  He is in the seventh grade at Hutchinson Middle School.  He likes to play tennis and solve Rubik's cubes.  His average speed for solving a Rubik's cube is twenty seven seconds.  He is very good in mathematics and has been to both state and national tournaments.  Other competitions he has competed in are The Texas Math and Science Coaches Association  Math and Science, MATHCOUNTS, American Math Competitions 8, 10, and 12, and precalculus.  Other interests that Lishan has include playing chess, learning about science, taking Taekwondo, and swimming.

Maxwell Cummins
Maxwell Cummins knows science.  He is an eighth-grader at Hutchinson Middle school in Lubbock, Texas.  He studies daily to expand his knowledge for the Science Bowl competition.  He believes in advancing himself and the world through learning.  Maxwell wants to go to college at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to become an engineer for Disney parks.  He is interested in physics which is his main subject at Science Bowl.  Maxwell is very excited about competing at the National Science Bowl in Washington D.C.

Hansong Zuo
Hansong Zuo is currently in the seventh grade at Hutchinson Middle School.  Two of his favorite classes are orchestra and tennis.  After school he practices for competitions in robotics, The Texas Math and Science Coaches Association  Math and Science, and MATHCOUNTS.  In his freetime, Hansong plays chess and minecraft.  In college he would like to attend either Harvard University or West Point Military Academy.   He believes in perfection of the human mind and pursuing victory.  He is very competitive, and will try to beat any opponent he faces.  Hansong is up to the challenge of the National Science Bowl.

Caroline Moon
Caroline Moon is a seventh-grader at Hutchinson Middle School.  She enjoys reading and studying about science.  Caroline is hoping to attend Harvard University, and then go on to medical school to become a doctor.  She is on the school tennis team and plays the flute in the honors band as well as in the full orchestra.  She made the all-region band this year.   Other competitions Caroline excels at include; MATHCOUNTS, The Texas Math and Science Coaches Association  Science and the Spelling Bee.  She is looking forward to competing in the National Science Bowl this year.