Hunter College Middle School

Hunter College Middle School

Min Hsuan Kuo Kuo, Coach
Coach Min-Hsuan Kuo has been teaching physical science and chemistry at Hunter College High School since 2014. Dr. Kuo has a background in chemical engineering and received her undergraduate degree from The Cooper Union and her doctoral degree from Columbia University. Her Ph.D. work focused on the interactions between snow/ice and trace chemicals in the atmosphere, which have an impact on atmospheric composition and climate. After completing her doctorate, Coach Kuo decided to devote her efforts to education and share her passion for science with future scientists like her lovely Science Bowl team. Her current favorite leisure activity is crocheting molecules and other creatures that she can bring to class to educate and entertain her students.

Morgan Lee
Morgan Lee, an eighth-grader, is a lover of biochemistry and physiology. With student programs at the American Museum of Natural History, he has conducted research on pollination in Central Park. Morgan is an eager member of the STEM community at his school; he edits the climate science paper, is co-captain of his Science Olympiad division, and participates with the Math Team. In his free time, he enjoys playing and composing music. He is a percussionist of almost ten years and currently performs with both the junior and senior orchestras of his school. In the future, being enthusiastic in music and the human body, he hopes to study interactions between the two.

Segev Pri-Paz
Eighth grade student Segev Pri-Paz has been interested in science as long as he can remember, but he especially became involved in science after learning about astrophysics in fifth grade. Some of Segev’s interests are science, running, and Latin. He is involved in many science and math clubs at Hunter College High School in New York. He volunteers to teach elementary school students science topics, plays the saxophone, and plays soccer.

Devon Lee
Devon Lee is an eighth-grade student who enjoys learning about science as well as music. Devon has participated in programs at the American Museum of Natural History, and loves hearing news on current and past space exploration missions. In the future, Devon hopes to pursue a future in climate/earth science, astronomy, or psychotherapy.

Gabriel Levin
Gabriel (Gabe) Levin is an eighth-grader at Hunter College High School who loves math and computer science, and has recently been dabbling in learning physics and chemistry. He is a member of his school’s math team, and participates in a plurality of mathematics competitions, including the American Mathematics Competition 10 and the MATHCOUNTS competition. Though he mainly studies the sciences, Gabe is also intrigued by a variety of other academic fields, such as world history and learning about linguistics and all different types of languages. However, he most likely will study something in the realm of math and science during college, as those are his main interests.

Alexander Yu
Alexander Yu is in the eighth grade and is an avid lover of physical chemistry and physics.  His favorite book is Theodore Gray’s The Elements and Molecules.  Alex is an eager member of the Hunter community.  He writes for the school newspaper, plays in the Junior Jazz Ensemble, and participates in the Math team.  In his free time, Alex enjoys playing the piano and tennis, as well as giving back to the community.  Alex is currently studying classical piano at the pre-college division of the Manhattan School of Music.  He is also a volunteer math tutor for fifth grade students at “Girls are great at Math.”  In the future, Alex would like to study physical chemistry in college and contribute to the development of new medicines.