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Daniel Wright Junior High School


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Maggie Patel, Coach
Coach Maggie Patel is excited to be at her second National Science Bowl competition! She has been teaching science for eleven years in various places such as Guatemala City, South Korea, Denver and now Chicago. She once was a primate keeper in New Orleans, caring for gorillas and orangutans but decided to pursue her passion for teaching. She and her husband, Miten, are proud parents to five year old Bodhi and three year old Amiya. Coach Patel loves to travel, be outdoors, and play with her little ones.

Richard Xu
Richard Xu is an eighth-grader at Daniel Wright Junior High School. This is his second year participating in Science Bowl, and he is looking forward to the national competition. He considers math to be his favorite subject but also enjoys science due to its vast variety of topics. Outside of Science Bowl, Richard participates in Science Olympiad, Scholastic Bowl, and various math competitions. In his free time, he likes to read and play the piano.

Ashra Roshy
Ashra Roshy is an eighth-grader at Daniel Wright Junior High School in Lincolnshire, Illinois. She has been in Science Bowl starting in seventh grade. Her favorite subjects are math and science, specifically biology. She enjoys learning more about science by being on her school’s Science Olympiad team since sixth grade.  Her Science Olympiad team won the State Competition and will be competing at Nationals this year. She has also competed in the National Science Bee, and placed second overall, qualifying her for internationals. Her hobbies include reading fantasy novels and listening to relaxing music.

Nisha Salian
Nisha Salian is in eight grade at Daniel Wright Junior High School. She is excited to be competing in her first National Science Bowl. Her favorite subject is math, but she enjoys physics as well. Nisha is a two-time North South Foundation Math Bee champion and is the captain of Daniel Wright's Scholastic Bowl team. Her hobbies include chess, playing the flute, and ballet. Nisha likes to spend her time volunteering, playing basketball, or reading books.

Jonathan He
Jonathan He is an eighth- grade student from Daniel Wright Junior High School. His favorite subject is math, but he enjoys science, reading, and playing Osu as well. This is Jonathan's first year participating in Science Bowl, and his interest in science is centered around physics.

Anusha Saraf
Anusha Saraf is an eighth-grader whose favorite class is unsurprisingly science. In science, she enjoys biology, the human body, and different diseases. Outside of Science Bowl, she enjoys reading, painting and is also part of the National Science Olympiad team. Her fondness for ornithology and painting inspires her to create nature themed art. She donates a percentage of her sales to causes she likes such as conservation of birds and research programs run by the Illinois Ornithological Society and other nature preserves. She also takes pleasure in bird photography. Anusha is excited to compete at the national level and looks forward to the experience.