Centennial Middle School

Centennial Middle School

Tricia Midgley, Coach
Coach Tricia Midgley loves to watch kids discover science knowledge. She teaches eighth grade integrated science. She finds it fascinating to learn about the world around her. Coach Midgley loves gymnastics, horseback riding, and all water related sports. Making sense of phenomena is a daily activity for her and her students. She is married with four children and three grandchildren, who are the joy of her life!

Zhihui Wang
Zhihui (Zoo Zoo) Wang is an eighth-grader who loves science. She is a student who loves chemistry.  Zoo Zoo likes participating in sporty events, and all things art and science! Besides science, she enjoys sketching and practicing gymnastics with her friend, Xio.  Zoo Zoo hopes to make good memories in Science Bowl, and looks forward to learning more everyday!

John Yang
John Yang likes to study biology and chemistry rather than physics.  He is very interested in chemistry.  Biology also makes him feel very connected to life. He states that biology makes science fun. Also, competitions make him boost his knowledge of science in real life. John speaks Korean fluently since he lived in Korea for about seven years. He also likes to talk with people, friends and family members.

Graden Rockwood
Graden Rockwood is an avid learner who loves learning about how the world works. He won first place in the life science category at his regional science fair. He also participated in The Broadcom MASTERS competition. He likes learning about space and the future of space colonization. He is excited to compete in the National Science Bowl.

Xiomara Banks
Besides science, Xiomara (Xio) Banks loves tumbling and trampolining. She is also very flexible and stretches everyday! She likes pop, K-pop and latin music. One of her hobbies is dancing, and she does contemporary and K-pop dancing. She speaks Chinese fluently.

Yul Kwon
Yul Kwon loves science and is very excited to compete in theNational Science Bowl. Besides science, he also loves space and medicine, and he hopes to be a doctor someday. He is an aspiring musician on his alto saxophone, and he enjoys playing in the top band at his school. He also loves reading, and is really good at it. Finally, he loves his family, and his two intelligent dogs.