Calloway County Middle School

Calloway County Middle School

Scott Pile, Coach
Coach Scott Pile is a seventh-grade science teacher. He has been teaching for twenty years.  He coaches the academic team and oversees the environmental science programs. Just recently, Coach Scott was inducted into the Kentucky Association of Academic Competition (KAAC) Hall of Fame class of 2022.  His academic team has been very successful in multiple district and regional championships along with several state and international finalists. This past year, his MathCOUNTS team placed third in the state competition, and his academic team was the Kentucky state runner-up. Scott lives with his wife Whitney and his two sons, Connor and Bryce.  In his spare time, he enjoys spending time outdoors, particularly working in his yard, fishing, and hunting.

Connor Pile
Connor Pile is currently an eighth-grader. He has been a member of the academic team since he was in third grade, with particular interest in the areas of fine arts and humanities, science, and quick recall.  This spring, Connor was a Top ten finisher in the Kentucky Association of Academic Competition  State Governor's Cup areas of fine arts and humanities, general knowledge, and science, and his quick recall team was a “Smart Sixteen” finalist.  He was also the National Science Bee region champion at the Memphis, Tennessee tournament.  In addition to academics, Connor plays baseball, basketball, and tennis and is a member of his school’s Future Business Leaders of America club.  In his spare time, he enjoys spending time outdoors, hunting, fishing, and riding his four-wheeler.  He is also a member of the Westside Baptist Church youth group and Lakers 4 Christ Council.

Amber Wu
Amber Wu, an eighth-grader, is interested in math, chemistry, and physics. She was the champion in math in the 2022 Kentucky Governor’s Cup and a Top ten finisher in the 2021 and 2022 State MathCOUNTS Competitions. She was also a state finalist in two areas in the 2022 Speech Tournament. She plays the violin in the university orchestra and is a member of the high school tennis team. She enjoys horse riding, drawing, and reading during her free time. She also loves learning languages including Korean, Chinese, Spanish, and computer languages (coding). She has not decided on her future plans yet but would like to work in an area that involves math and science (possibly arts too!).

Samuel Houston
Samuel (Sam) Houston is an eighth-grade student that is on the Academic Team, focusing on history, the Science Bee, Murray State University History Day, and the Science Bowl. For the last three years, he has competed in the categories of science and history for which he has won numerous awards throughout these competitions. In his free time, he loves reading and visiting various air force museums. He also enjoys swimming, playing with his dog Bella, playing the piano, gaming and has even built his own gaming computer with the help of a friend. In addition, Sam likes to help with the family food truck, which has taught him important and valuable work ethics such as how to deal with long work hours, long lines, and exceeding customer expectations all while delivering the final product with a warm, courteous, and friendly smile. Sam is interested in pursuing a career in engineering.

Tommy Gomez
Tommy Gomez is an eighth-grade student. He has competed on academic teams since fourth grade in math and social studies. In March, Tommy placed seventh in the Kentucky Association of Academic Competition State Governor’s Cup tournament in the area of social studies. Also in March, Tommy competed in the state MATHCOUNTS Competition. He also competes in track and field and is a member of the Laker Band. In track and field, Tommy competes in the 800-meter run, the 4x800 meter run, long jump, and high jump. Tommy plays the saxophone in a band and recently marched in a parade in Paris, Tennessee. In his free time, he enjoys playing on his PS4 and hanging out with his friends.

Aiden Hooper
Aiden Hooper is a seventh-grader in his school’s academic team. He specializes in science, history, and quick recall. He is an avid video gamer and has a deep knowledge of many different areas of pop culture. His achievements include being the 2022 Regional Science Bee Champion, third place in the 2022 Regional History Bee, first place in science at the 2022 Kentucky Association of Academic Competition Regional Governor’s Cup, and first place in 2022 State Science Bowl along with the rest of his team. He can also write in two scripts from the Lord of the Rings franchise, fluently in Cirth-Runes (the dwarfs’ written language), and currently learning Tengwar (the elves’ written language).