Alabama School of Fine Arts

Alabama School of Fine Arts

Walter Uhoya, Coach
Coach Walter Uhoya teaches junior high school honors physical sciences and science team explorations. He also teaches high school level space science,  research classes, electricity and circuits, and AP physics. He taught physics at University of Alabama and Jeff State before joining the Alabama School of Fine Arts in 2016. He also coaches Science Olympiad, and You Be The Chemist Challenge. This is his fourth time bringing a team to the Nationals after winning Alabama Regionals in 2018, 2020, 2021, and 2022.  He enjoys athletics and soccer. He has a B.A. in education science, a M.S. in physics, and a Ph.D. in physics. He has conducted research at several Department of Energy National Labs, including synchrotron diffraction studies at Argonne and Brookhaven National Labs; and neutron diffraction studies at Oak Ridge National Labs. His research focused on how extreme conditions of pressures and temperatures affect the physical, structural, superconducting, magnetic, electrical transport, and chemical properties of rare-earth elements and Fe-pnictide. His peer review research publications have over 360 citations.

Albert Chen
Albert Chen is an eighth-grader who attends the Alabama School of Fine Arts. He also loves to play the violin, do math, and talk to his friends. He also qualified for the MATHCOUNTS Nationals Competition and participated in the Science Olympiad. Albert is participating for the first time in the middle school National Science Bowl and would like to pursue a career related to computer science.

Aditya Sheelavant
Aditya Sheelavant is an eighth-grader who attends the Alabama School of Fine Arts. He loves to play outside, run, do math, and learn new things. Aditya’s dream is to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and pursue a career in engineering and business. This is his first time participating in Science Bowl, and he is very excited.

Noah Lowry
Noah Lowry is an eighth-grader who enjoys mathematics and science. In his free time he enjoys learning astronomy and higher levels of math. He also likes to play video games and work on funny songs with his friends. His hobbies also include making mechanical keyboards and computers and his favorite scientist is Elon Musk.

Clark Baty
Clark Baty is an eighth-grader who currently attends the Alabama School of Fine arts. This is his first time participating in Science Bowl, although he has participated in other events such as Scholar’s Bowl, Science Olympiad, and local math competitions. Clark currently plans on going into the medical field as he progresses in life.

Pratul Danasekar
Pratul Danasekar is an eighth-grader participating in the Middle School National Science Bowl for the first time. He also participated in MATHCOUNTS and Science Olympiad. He has become fascinated with life science, biology, and human anatomy.