Abraham Lincoln Middle School

Abraham Lincoln Middle School


Curtis Sloan, Coach
Coach Curtis Sloan, a legendary entity, teaches eighth grade science to a group of overly enthusiastic students at Abraham Lincoln Middle School. He also has a farm full of alpacas, llamas, chickens, goats, geese, tortoises, and other sundry animals. Many speculate that the collective intelligence of just his chickens exceeds the current Science Bowl team. He once worked at a crime lab where he unintentionally triggered a not very silent alarm early one morning. And much to his chagrin, the responding officers were not buying the "but, no, really I work here" story as they looked at his trunk full of laboratory evidence. Always the rebel, while working at and wandering through the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, he once rediscovered a long-forgotten 30-year-old exhibit hall.

Michael Wei
Michael Wei is an eighth-grader at Lincoln Middle School. Due to his imposing height, he has been chosen to be the captain of the Lincoln Middle School National Science Bowl team. It is hard to say what his favorite subject is, as he dominates in all of them, but lately, he has found himself studying earth and space. He would also be good at marine biology, as he is a dolphin. He is a god at the piano, math, tennis, Spanish,  making uncanny feminine voices, and pretty much anything thrown at him (even though he cannot catch). His only weakness, however, seems to be the wind, as he is knocked over even by the slightest breeze.

Anish Patel
Anish Patel is an eighth-grader at Lincoln Middle School. There is no word in the English language that can describe how much of a chad he is. He specializes in hand-to-hand combat and frequently can be found physically interacting with the rest of his team for the sake of intertribal relationships. Despite barely being five feet tall, Anish's brain functions at 50x the combined rate of his team and is just as strong, physically. Anish enjoys studying biology and making fun of the mental shortcomings of his teammates. His impeccable muscle tone draws the attraction of everyone in school, albeit only whenever they look down enough.

Adityaa Ravi
Adityaa (Adotyaa) Ravi is an eighth-grader at Lincoln Middle School. He loves physics and math and can often be found intermittently waking up from his sleep to solve a problem, asking his physics teacher questions at 1 a.m. or scouring StackExchange to learn about gyroscopic progression. If you catch him at school, you will likely find him on his phone, reading a textbook. Legend has it that he is only operating at one percent with his current atrocity-of-a-sleep-schedule and his true power which is yet to be unveiled.

James Jiang
James (Jimmy) Jiang is the team baby who acts like a toddler but is really an eighth-grader at Lincoln Middle School. His favorite subject is chemistry, though he also has an affinity for physics and math. While not studying chem, Jiang can be found grinding Protobowl, getting his IP address banned multiple times on various sites, or returning to his true form as an orangutan.

Bryan Zheng
Bryan Zheng is an eighth-grader at Lincoln Middle School. He enjoys going into the rain, is a piano god, and has an older brother who also participates in the National Science Bowl. When not tending to his dry hands, he looks at rocks and thinks of rocks, and possibly eats them too. Despite eating unreasonably little at lunch, he still has enough energy to fuel his massive brain and get questions right. He is also the team mascot, himself being a kitty.