Westview High School

Westview High School

Fabian Mak (Coach)
Coach Fabian Mak teaches a variety of science classes at Westview High School, from which he graduated in 2003. He has a B.S. and M.S in aerospace engineering from Georgia Tech, and an M.Ed. from the University of Oregon. This will be his seventh time coaching a team to the National Science Bowl. Coach Mak lives with his partner, his German shepherd/corgi crossed dog, and twin tuxedo cats named Luke and Leia. He has been fortunate to stay near his long-time friends and family in the beautiful town of Beaverton. When he is not teaching or coaching, he imitates teenage behavior to better relate to them. He actively procrastinates his grading and plays video games late into the night. His greatest challenge is playing League of Legends. Despite his best efforts to match his students' skill levels, he has been unable to drop to Iron IV.

Ivan Philip
Ivan Phillip is someone who has a deep yearning to improve. Whether it is his knowledge of Science Bowl related material to something as simple as the most efficient way to go to his room, he constantly tries to improve. One of the things that interest Ivan the most is geology. The way that rocks are formed is an amazing experience for him. Some of the rocks you look at might have existed before humans had even evolved. Rocks exist on an entirely different timescale than anything else which truly amazes him. In the future, Ivan wants to go into the field of data science so that he can spur on the advent of robotic geologists. Think of the possibilities, Venus, Mars perhaps even Mercury. Think of the undiscovered rocks and minerals that could be found in the future.

Matthew Westley
Matthew Westley is currently a senior in high school.  This is his sixth year of Science Bowl.  He really enjoys science and learning in general, and so he also participates in activities like Science Olympiad and Quiz Bowl.  During school, Matthew enjoys mostly science and math subjects, such as physics and calculus, but he also really likes taking engineering-focused classes like CAD and Robotics.  Outside of academics, he enjoys reading (recently the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan) and playing board games with his family. Some board games that he really enjoys are Mage Knight, a turn-based role playing game, and  High Frontier, a game about space exploration.  Matthew plans on attending Purdue University for biological engineering next fall, and most likely plans to pursue a career related to research.

Zachary Zhang
Zachary Zhang is a senior who attends Westview High School, and has been playing Science bowl since seventh grade. One day they decided to get to the National Science Bowl, and started taking the competition more seriously.  Zachary enjoys studying physics however it became very confusing, so he is very confused. Despite this, he may continue studying physics in college, although he has been told he needs to be "good at math to do physics". Zachary is not a math “main”. Some of the other activities Zachary does include ultimate frisbee and Quiz Bowl, and in his spare time enjoys losing to mutalisks in Starcraft, and fangirling over characters in the latest anime.

Ethan Zhang
Ethan Zhang is a ninth-grader at Westview High School. He is from Portland, Oregon. His favorite subject in school is math, with other science topics also of interest. His future career interests include computer science and math-related areas. Aside from school, some of his interests include tennis and chess; he is on the school tennis team and has won awards in numerous chess tournaments. Additionally, he likes to play ping pong and read books on various topics, such as Sherlock Holmes. He skipped first grade and is one year younger than his peers. He has participated in many academic competitions outside of the Science Bowl, such as American Mathematics Competition and MATHCOUNTS. He participated in Science Bowl in the seventh grade, though his team did not make it to the national stage. He has also participated in computer science competitions such as Cyberpatriot and the American Computer Science League.

Karthik Krishnamurthy
Karthik Krishnamurthy (he/him/his) is a sophomore from Westview High School. He is an avid Quiz Bowler and Science Bowler, and in Science Bowl specializes in negology (he's a bit disappointed that NSB has decided against allowing the topic for this year). In his free time, he enjoys writing, reading, philosophizing, punning, learning on Duolingo (he's not sponsored, but would still like to remind you that IT'S TIME FOR YOUR DAILY LANGUAGE LESSON), and talking about himself in the third person.