Wayzata High School

Wayzata High School

Amanda Laden (Coach)
Coach Amanda Laden has been teaching for twenty three years. Currently, she teaches AP biology, anatomy, and honors mentor connection. She graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College and earned her master's degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Minnesota. Swimming is her favorite pastime and she also enjoys spending time with her twelve year old son and twenty six year old stepdaughter, especially "up north, at the cabin."

Thomas Myers
Thomas Myers is a co-coach and former graduate of Wayzata High School (2018). He participated during his four years in high school and decided to help out his former team this year. "It was a great way to get back into the competitive spirit and a reminder of the great and hard working times of high school" he said. Thomas enjoys the summer sun while playing golf and soccer with his friends. He is graduating from Gustavus Adolphus College in May with a degree in physics and looks forward to starting a career in the near future.

Pramit Jagtap
Pramit Jagtap is a senior at Wayzata High School. His favorite subject is biology and recently he has become interested in neuroscience. He plays for a cricket team that travels around the country and competes in Quiz Bowl, and enjoys spending time outdoors playing basketball and football with friends. In addition, he enjoys spending time with his family, listening to Drake and Lil Uzi Vert's latest albums, and eating noodles and pasta.

Aneesh Swaminathan
Aneesh Swaminathan is a junior at Wayzata High School who is proud to be described as "a good human" by the Ojibwe word "Anishinaabeg." In Science Bowl, his favorite subjects are energy and biology. He enjoys tennis, Quiz Bowl, and mountain biking (not in Quiz Bowl). In his free time, which is now as plentiful as the amount of in-person Science Bowl he has experienced, he loves preaching about radical centrism, the elegance of antimetaboles, and the superiority of cursive to goofy block letters. He still has high hopes of acquiring a solar car and hearing another brown adipose tissue tossup in the future.

Matthew Chen
Matthew Chen is a junior at Wayzata High School. He enjoys learning math, computer science, physics, and participating on his school and state math team. He and his friends have an inside joke of referring to people by their initials, a practice whose origins are unclear. In his free time, he likes puzzles, sports, music, card/video games, and recently got introduced to pickleball from his brother.

Emily Liu
Emily Liu is a senior at Wayzata High School. Her favorite subject is biology, specifically physiology. She enjoys playing Quiz Bowl and the alto sax in addition to Science Bowl, as well as teaching science to middle schoolers and participating in the USA Biology Olympiad. Outside of school, she enjoys biking (not in Quiz Bowl), hiking, propagating succulents, and listening to Taylor Swift on repeat. Her favorite chapter of Campbell Biology is chapter 1. :)

Kevin Yang
Kevin Yang is a senior at Wayzata High School. His favorite subjects in Science Bowl are physics and math. In particular, he is now a six year member of Minnesota's All-State Math Team, and enjoys competing in many math competitions. Additionally, he is a part of his school's Science Olympiad team and enjoys participating in all of the physics events it has to offer. In his free time, Kevin enjoys solving mathematics puzzles, teaching the younger generation about his passions, and playing video games. His favorite puzzle is the prisoner’s chess board puzzle. After high school, he plans on studying computer science and mathematics.