Valley High School

Valley High School

Coach Justin Howard
Coach Justin Howard is a high school biology teacher that coaches Quiz Bowl and Science Bowl. He also advises Green Club and the school's Esports team. Coach Howard enjoys being in nature, watching a good movie, and reading a good book. His most noticeable feature is that he is six foot seven inches tall!

Marcus Franke
Marcus Franke is a fifteen-year-old freshman at Lucasville Valley High School. He plays baseball and runs cross country. He participates in Quiz Bowl, Science Bowl, Mock Trial, and Valley Sports Network. He enjoys reading, playing video games, and watching television. He did not think that Team Glamping would get this far.

Bryce Stuart
Bryce Stuart’s favorite sports include basketball, soccer, and track and field. He is a member of the green club, Online Model United Nations, and National Honor Society.  His favorite subjects in school have been chemistry, AP chemistry, physics, and principles of engineering. His plans for college include acquiring a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. He then plans to go into the engineering field to determine what works for him.  Interesting facts are that he can dunk, and he loves his dog.

Micah Bradshaw
Micah Bradshaw is a high school junior.  He is a member of Minford Community church and participates in such extracurriculars as band, choir, drama club, Mock Trial, tennis, soccer, Quiz Bowl, and, of course, Science Bowl. His interests include barbershop quartets, cinematography, and music theory.

Bryce Greene
No biographical information was provided by Bryce Greene