The Westminster Schools

The Westminster Schools

Coach Steve Frappier
Coach Steve Frappier is Westminster’s director of college counseling and is one of the advisors for “buzzer-based sports,” including Science Bowl and Academic Quiz Team.   He has worked twenty two years in the field of college admissions and college counseling.  He also co-advises two of Westminster Upper School's affinity groups:  UNITED (for LGBTQ+ students and faculty) and Mooncakes (for students with East & Southeast Asian heritages).  A former one-day Jeopardy! contestant, Mr. Frappier has played or coached Quiz Bowl since he was in seventh grade.  Mr. Frappier is a dual-graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, with a Bachelor’s degree (magna cum laude and a Rhodes Scholarship nomination) in Russian and art history & archaeology and a Commencement Marshal Medal for his Master’s degree in liberal arts.  In January 2022, Mr. Frappier co-taught his first-ever class during Westminster’s “JanTerm” – an elective on gastrodiplomacy.

Sara Kapasi
Sara Kapasi is a senior interested in biology and chemistry and the intersection of multiple scientific fields. At school, she’s buzzed in Science Bowl since her freshman year, captains Westminster’s squash team, and plays oboe and piano. Sara plans to continue studying biology and chemistry by majoring in biochemistry in college and hopefully working towards a dual M.D.-Ph.D. degree. Outside of school, Sara is currently learning Hindi and Korean and enjoys diving into the symmetric world of recreational math topics and spending time with friends and family. Sara has also met the inventor of the Rubik’s Cube and maintains a barely-surviving sourdough starter, the Starchbishop of Canterbury.

Victor Hesu
Victor Hesu is a senior who enjoys all things STEM. He has been a part of Science Bowl since freshman year and has also competed in Quiz Bowl and Certamen. On top of the addictive fast-paced nature of the buzzer competitions, he likes to slow things down through captaining Westminster's Science Olympiad team and partaking in the robotics club and chemistry club. Victor plans to further his interests by studying engineering and computer science in college. Outside of school, he enjoys spending time with friends and family, floundering in Capture the Flag competitions, and burning far too much free time exploring random rabbit holes.

Albert Tang
Albert Tang is a sophomore enthusiastic about various STEM topics but is currently delving into the depths of chemistry. As such, he is part of Westminster’s math team, Science Olympiad team, chemistry club, and—of course—Science Bowl team. He has competed on Westminster’s Science Bowl team starting in freshman year and enjoys the fast-paced format of the buzzer game. Due to his interests in chemistry, he plans to incorporate the subject into his future by earning a chemistry major in college and working as a college professor and researcher. Despite his academic focus, he also enjoys going on runs, playing soccer, and talking with friends and family.

Luke Guan
Luke Guan is a junior primarily interested in making science jokes and who also studies biology for Science Bowl and the Biology Olympiad. Luke hopes to continue studying biology in college. He hopes that he will be able to make some kind of valuable contribution to science or medicine before the crushing reality of making a career in academia gets to him. Outside of academics, he spends most of his time fencing.

Mason Yu
Mason Yu is a junior interested in earth science and is Westminster's Science Bowl captain. This is Mason’s second time attending nationals, as he competed in the 2020 National Science Bowl. Last summer, Mason attended US Earth Science Olympiad Study Camp, where he earned the award for best overall earth science project for work on reimagining the Arctic freight shipping industry. Outside of science, Mason plays flute and piano, enjoys listening to K-pop, and plays an unhealthy amount of video games. This summer, Mason will be conducting geology research using geographic information systems mapping at Elon University.