Mississippi School for Math and Science

Mississippi School for Math and Science

Elizabeth Morgan, Coach
Coach Elizabeth “ Lib” Morgan has been at the Mississippi School for Math and Science since 2014. She has taught chemistry, physics, and mathematics in Mississippi, Arizona, and California. She holds a B.S. in chemistry and an M.A. in curriculum and instruction from the University of Mississippi and a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from the University of Missouri~Columbia. She sponsors the American Chemical Society ChemClub and coordinates the school’s research program. Lib is a staunch advocate of science and works with university faculty partners to encourage young women and minority students to pursue scientific research and careers in science. Outside of the classroom, she is an avid baker who enjoys sharing her creations with her students.

John David Hagood
John David Hagood is a junior who is mainly interested in mathematics. He is always working on some mathematical proof in his free time, but in between that he has a passion for chemistry, camping, the outdoors, and aviation. He is an Eagle Scout from troop twelve and the recipient of the Ray Aviation Scholarship from flight chapter 276. He hopes to major in mathematics and make a lasting impact on the field through research.

Richard Zheng
Richard Zheng is a junior who is not sure of what he is doing. He does enjoy anything with the name bowl in it, which has prompted him to join Science Bowl; other than Science Bowl, Richard also actively participates in Quiz Bowl. In addition, he thoroughly enjoys using bowls to cook, where he continues to experiment with different soups that will bring him closer to creating the best soup ever. Somewhere along the way, Richard got confused with the words bowl and ball which has led him to actively enjoy playing Spikeball. Bowls are involved everywhere in Richard’s future, so even after he graduates, Richard will continue to pursue his hobbies revolving around bowls.

Kevin Liu
Kevin Liu is a senior whose interests lie in math and chemistry since middle school. He further explored these interests in classes like organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, multivariable calculus, differential equations and linear algebra.  Because of his love for chemistry, he also participated in research through Project SEED. Besides academics, Kevin has a strong passion for tennis and ping pong. After high school, Kevin will be pursuing a chemical biological engineering degree and continuing his tennis career at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Nicholas Djedjos
Nicholas Djedjos is a senior who enjoys math, chemistry, and physics. He serves as the executive SGA president and vice president of the engineering club. Outside of school, Nicholas is interested in computational biology and catalysis research. In college, he hopes to use his varying interests to push the boundaries of biomedical engineering through bioinformatics research or venturing out into the biotechnology industry. Nicholas also likes soccer, ping pong, and spending time with family.

Dylan Randall
Dylan Randall is a junior whose main interest is in astronomy. He enjoys stargazing and listening to astronomy podcasts in his spare time, as well as investing and console gaming. He co-founded the Quiz Bowl team at his school and leads as co-president. At his old school he was the secretary for the Spanish Honor Society. In the future he hopes to conduct research and teach as a professional astrophysicist.