Lynbrook High School

Lynbrook High School

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Lester Leung, Coach
Coach Lester Leung is the chemistry AP teacher at Lynbrook High School in California.  He is a passionate teacher who is certain that every student has the ability to succeed at any level.

William Huang
William Huang is a senior at Lynbrook High School, but at Lynbrook he is referred to as “a walking bucket,” in reference to his captivating and unstoppable basketball abilities; you can ask his teammate Anirudh to confirm. Back in elementary school, he was a multi-sport superstar, starring as the quarterback of the elementary school flag football team, a two-time NJB all-star, and a perennial home-run derby champion. These days, back soreness and an unwillingness to shoot threes prevent him from getting back on the court, so he has instead poured his energy and passion into studying the McLafferty rearrangement and a little physics and earth, también. Big Will is grateful for all the memories of the past four years in Science Bowl, and he hopes to make this last run at Nationals a memorable one.

David Lee:
David Lee is a tenth-grade student at Lynbrook High School. He is interested in physics, chemistry, and math. Recently, he has also started studying astrophysics and astronomy. Some of his hobbies include playing chess, playing piano, and programming random projects. In his spare time, David also enjoys gardening. Some of his favorite plants are bamboo plants and apple trees.

Antone Jung:
Antone Jung is a junior at Lynbrook High School and a dogmatic biology fan. His studies in biology, however, clearly have not benefited the writing of this biography. His favorite enzyme is dCas9 as he, too, is dead inside. Antone also occasionally enjoys taking naps with his dog, going outside with his dog, and playing the piano badly, with his dog. Along with Campbell's Biology, Antone's favorite books include The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch and Circe by Madeleine Miller. In the future, he hopes to pursue a career in biomedical research.

Anirudh Bharadwaj:
Anirudh Bharadwaj is a senior from Lynbrook High School who has developed the unfortunate habit of spending many unproductive hours on Wikipedia, with his interests encompassing an eclectic mix ranging from transportation systems to eighteenth century French art. He is an avid football fan, in spite of his body mass index being the same as Tony Romo’s jersey number—his favorite (retired) player. When he is not watching his Dallas Cowboys limp to yet another .500 season, he is also a professional gamer, ranking among the top 250 players in the world in the PS4 edition of Madden NFL 19 under his gamertag romothegoat1. Though his study sessions are few and far in between, he enjoys studying both geology and astronomy, hoping to fulfill his dreams of becoming an academic rockstar. Anirudh has thoroughly enjoyed his years in Science Bowl, and is eagerly anticipating attending his second National Finals.

Eric Shen:
Eric Shen is a junior at Lynbrook High School. His hobbies include winning math competitions and not winning programming competitions. In his free time, he plays the piano, flags people in online chess, and preaches that every science is an applied math.