Lander Valley High School

Lander Valley High School

Claudia Troxel, Coach
Coach Claudia Troxel has been teaching high school science for the past five years, and currently teaches biology, chemistry I, and dual credit chemistry II.  Prior to teaching, Coach Troxel had a professional career as a toxicologist for eighteen years. She was raised in South Carolina and received her degrees in biochemistry and German from the College of Charleston.  Next, she moved to Corvallis, Oregon, where she obtained her Ph.D. in Toxicology from Oregon State University. After a move to Oak Ridge, Tennessee for 3 years, she ended up in Lander, Wyoming, a beautiful town at the base of the Wind River Mountain range.  Not done with school yet, Mrs. Troxel later returned to school to receive her master’s degree in education in order to transition to teaching. In her role as a science teacher, Coach Troxel is the sponsor of the Science Club. In her spare time, CoachTroxel loves hiking, reading, and puns.

Emily Anderson
Emily Anderson is a sophomore whose interests include mathematics and chemistry. Her favorite classes this year included trigonometry and chemistry, and she is looking forward to taking AP calculus and AP chemistry next year. Emily is a member of the swim team, ski team, National Honor Society, and the band. Outside of these activities, she enjoys mountain biking and hiking. After graduating high school, she plans to attend a university and get a degree in engineering.

Ross Anderson
Ross Anderson is a senior in high school. He likes being in The Science Club and has lots of cool gadgets. His favorite thing to do is play video games and play Magic: The Gathering. Ross’s favorite classes are calculus and chemistry. He plans to go to the University of Wyoming and get a degree in something, somehow.

Felicity Olsson
Felicity Olsson is a sophomore who’s favorite classes are math, chemistry and band. For fun she enjoys reading and horseback riding and participates in speech and debate. She likes to be challenged and loves exploring complex mathematical topics that interest her. As a hobby she plays piano, oboe, and clarinet. She was captain of the Wyoming National MATHCOUNTS team in middle school and occasionally returns to help coach. She will attend science camps this summer and eventually hopes to go to medical school.

Kephas Olsson
Kephas Olsson is a senior in high school who loves the sciences, literature, and philosophy. His favorite hobbies are speech and debate, baseball, and jazz. He plans to attend Notre Dame University to study liberal arts and potentially double major in biochemistry.

Evan Peterson
Evan Peterson is a senior who enjoys astronomy and geology. He was president of the Astronomy Club his junior year, and is currently the vice president of the Science Club. His favorite classes include AP computer science and emerging technology. Evan plans on attending the University of Wyoming to study business. Evan enjoys doing science and hanging out with his friends. Evan enjoys the theater and has been in productions of Fiddler on the Roof and Pride and Prejudice.