Jericho Senior High School

Jericho Senior High School

Samantha Sforza, Coach
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Derek Minn
Derek Minn is a junior who enjoys chemistry and biology. He has been heavily involved within science competitions such as the USA Biology Olympiad, in which he was a  2022 Semifinalist and member of his school’s  Science Olympiad team throughout high school. Although he has multiple medals in a wide range of events, his favorite event is cell biology where he earned a state medal during the 2022 season. Outside of competitions, Derek participates in research at the  University of California Irvine where he discusses projects regarding the metabolic engineering of enzymes for increased efficiency, and he hopes to continue learning biology as a senior through textbooks.

He-Hanson Xuan
He-Hanson Xuan is a junior who demonstrates interest in neuroscience and chemistry. Recently, he achieved the first place award at the NSPC Health Science Competition  in the category of computational biology and honors at the Long Island Science Congress. Additionally, he accomplished Honors placement in USA National Chemistry Olympiad (2021) and is a two-time national qualifier. Hanson is also a member of the school Science Olympiad team, winning  over fifteen medals in his two years of participation. In senior year, he hopes to continue his research journey outside of school by conducting studies pertaining to the genetics of Alzheimer’s Disease and machine learning.

Ashwin Narayanan
Ashwin Narayanan is a junior with a passion for physics and astronomy. Aside from quiz bowl, he interns at the University of Massachusetts: Amherst, and works in the Heterodyne Receiver Laboratory to help create novel radio astronomy receivers. Recently, he was awarded highest honors and was selected as a state finalist at the Long Island Science Congress in the physics/physical science category. Ashwin is also a top member of his  school’s Science Olympiad team earning a silver medal in astronomy in the New York State tournament. In his senior year and in college, he hopes to investigate the applications of machine learning in the field of astrophysics.

Natasha Kulviwat
Natasha Kulviwat is a sophomore whose interests include math and neuroscience. She is an American Invitational Mathematics Examination qualifier, a recipient of a grand award at the Regeneron International Science  and Engineering Fair, as well as the winner of various other research and Science Olympiad competitions. Aside from academics, Natasha is the President of the Student Council, where she initiates fundraisers and events to help the school and her community.

Brendan Shek
Brendan Shek is a sophomore who is heavily interested in earth and environmental sciences, particularly specializing in atmospheric dynamics and geospatial modeling. He is an active participant on his school’s Science Olympiad team, serving as a team leader for the event dynamic planet, and has earned several awards for strong showings at SciOly competitions. Outside of academics, Brendan plays on his school’s Varsity  tennis team, enjoys going outside and spending time with his friends and family. In the future, Brendan hopes to pursue a career in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).