Huron High School

Huron High School

Michael Damron, Coach
Coach Michael Damron has taught at Huron High School since 2008 and has taught IBDP Biology for the past two years. He studied for his B.S. degree in biology at Eastern Michigan University and continued his education at Michigan State University, obtaining an M.S. in biological science. Coach Damron was formerly the advisor for Huron's robotics club. For the past two years he has led Huron's Science Bowl team. Coach Damron enjoys Tigers Baseball and the occasional comic book in his spare time.

Eric Heng
Eric Heng is a senior who also happens to be a bowl connoisseur, acting as captain in the Huron High School Ethics, Ocean, and Science Bowls. He also plays cello in the school orchestra and plays three doubles for the varsity tennis team. He is passionate about biology (especially evolution and molecular biology), which he reads about, works on, and occasionally writes a paper for. In his spare time, you might find him rewatching Saturday Night Live, photo journaling, or having friendly banter. He loves new experiences, whether through trying new cuisine or traveling. He will be headed to Stanford University next year to study biology, though he really has no idea what his life will look like in the next five years.

Andrew Ye
No information provided for Andrew Ye

Anita Gaenko
Anita Gaenko is a sophomore at Huron High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This is her second year doing Science Bowl at the highschool level, and the third year overall. She is a part of many clubs in addition to Science Bowl, like miRcore, Science Olympiad, the Ann Arbor Math Olympiad Club, the American Computer Science League, and the Ethics Bowl. Anita also is the news editor for Huron's newspaper, which she's been writing for two years. She loves chemistry and biology especially -- she qualified for the National Chemistry Olympiad and became a semifinalist for Biology Olympiad. Anita hopes to someday work in medical research as a biomedical engineer. When she is not studying, she can be found volunteering, hanging out with her friends, listening to music, reading, or playing the piano 

Akshar Cowlagi
Akshar Cowlagi is a sophomore from Huron High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He first joined Science Bowl for the free pizza at the middle school meetings, but he ended up sticking around to show off his abilities. Physics and earth science are his strengths, and he assists the team in answering questions from these subjects. Akshar placed top fifteen in the nation for the US Earth Science Olympiad. He also appreciates the science of circuits and energy, which he used to construct a battery from simple plant seeds. He intends to continue researching renewable energy with the knowledge of circuits and earth science, and volunteer to solve the climate problem plaguing earth. He saves his energy at home as well by sleeping, watching Youtube and playing Apex when free.

Madhav Sivadasan
Madhav Sivadasan is a tenth-grader at Huron High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan . His favorite subject is chemistry as he finds the concepts fascinating. He enjoys actively participating in many clubs at school such as the American Computer Science League, Physics Bowl, and Science Bowl (of course). In his free time, he loves watching movies and TV, as well as reading and texting his friends. He enjoys science fiction books the most, particularly the Hunger Games trilogy, as he was captivated by its dystopian themes and suspenseful, attention-grabbing scenes. Additionally, he likes the adaptations of these books as well as other adventure, action, and sci-fi movies. Superhero movies are also things that he appreciates since they are fun and easy to watch when he is tired, cannot think, or does not feel like thinking.  One fun fact about him is that he loves traveling. One of his favorite travel destinations is Portugal. He enjoyed visiting Portugal because of its beautiful beaches, pleasant weather, fantastic food, and overall great vibe.