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Buchholz High School

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Marc Moody, Coach
Coach Marc Moody teaches physics and sponsors the Science Bowl team in his sixth year as a professional teacher. He graduated from Buchholz, the same high school employing him, and is married to another Buchholz High School graduate. They have twins and enjoy the challenge and privilege of parenting. Coach Moody attended The University of Florida where he majored in math and earned his math degree from Saint Leo University where he also minored in education. He enjoys cycling and Digital Single Lense Reflex (DSLR) photography in addition to good STEM questions.

Andrey Nikitin
Andrey Nikitin joins the battle! After two long years of hibernation, Andrey leaves his den, hungry for another scientific quest. Throughout history, this adventurer has gained experience from his past competitions, raising him to Level eleven of the school system. His power comes from the sacred texts of Campbell, only understandable while listening to the legendary symphonies of Lo-fi. Using this power, Andrey has gained a spot in the USA Biology Olympiads semifinals. He was also born with a passion for the advanced study of astronomy, which motivated him to conquer the formidable Science Olympiad, and help his team become state champions. However, one of Andrey’s most important and rewarding responsibilities is being captain of the Buchholz Science Bowl Team, so when he is not preparing for the next quest, Andrey can be found training his fellow adventurers. The future is unknown, but Andrey’s bizarre adventure is sure to end in triumph.

Abhinav Pothuri
Abhinav Pothuri is an eleventh-grade member of the Buchholz Science Bowl Team, as well as the math team and Quiz Bowl team. He loves history, math, and of course science. And just to put it out there, he is not just average, he is savage. Watch out because he will not stop until he rules the world...I mean wins the National Science Bowl. Abhinav also plays the mridangam, which is a cool South Indian drum that not many people have heard about....check it out!!!

Ahan Mishra
Ahan Mishra is a junior at Buchholz High School. His favorite subjects are math and physics, especially mechanics. Ahan last went to Science Bowl Nationals in 2019, and he got interested in physics because of Science Bowl, now competing in various physics competitions. He has played chess for almost ten years, and his favorite variant is horde chess. He hopes to continue corresponding activities in college, and will likely major in something in this area. An interesting fact about Ahan is that three of his teachers, including the coach, have taught him a combined ten high school classes. Ahan also sings Indian classical music. He has attempted to weave a basket underwater, and has found that it does not work.

Nicholas Dang
Nicholas Dang is a junior currently starring in the Netflix series “Dang it Nicholas”' that is somehow trending on the top ten list even though it has abysmal reviews and you have never heard of it. Unlike other main characters, Nicholas does not have plot armor. Instead, he has plot holes. Critics describe the show as way too ambitious and unrealistic; every episode has a million plot lines and conflicting narratives. A piano audition and a math competition or baseball game on the same day? Studying chemistry for NSB but getting more bio questions correct? Completely incoherent and nonsensical. The show “lacks direction” and features “a protagonist who acts like a side character.” Nicholas hopes that competing in NSB will give him some more main character energy (the show is about him, after all) and improve the show’s ratings so it can get renewed for another season.

Emmanuel Zheng
Emmanuel Zheng is a sophomore on the Buchholz Science Bowl Team and takes a special interest in earth science. In addition to competing in Science Bowl, he participates in Science Olympiad! In his spare time, Emmanuel can be found creating documents and spreadsheets in an attempt to organize his team. Emmanuel also enjoys studying the Classics, looking at minerals, and running on a sunny day.