Bob Jones High School

Bob Jones High School


Mary-Katherine Maguire, Coach
Coach Mary-Katherine Maguire is a science teacher at Bob Jones High School in Madison, Alabama. She has been teaching for eight years. She has taught many different sciences and she is currently teaching pre-AP chemistry, AP chemistry, and principles of engineering. She graduated from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa with a degree in science- secondary education. Coach Maguire completed her master's degree in science-secondary education at the University of West Alabama in Livingston, Alabama. She enjoys being outdoors and her hobbies include cycling, hiking, traveling, kayaking, making science rap videos, and singing karaoke. She is the sponsor of the girls soccer program and the biology club. This is her second year assisting the Science Bowl Team, and she could not be more excited and proud to represent this team!  Go Patriots!

Shubham Chopade, Coach
Shubham Chopade is a parent coach, who is a chemical engineer working in the pharmaceutical industry.   Apart from coaching the Science Bowl team, his hobbies include building electronic circuits and cooking dishes from all around the world. 

Neha Chopade
Neha Chopade is a junior at Bob Jones High School in Madison, Alabama. She is interested in biology, chemistry, and computer science. She enjoys participating in STEM competitions such as Science Olympiad and Science Bowl. She aims to share her love of science with younger students, which she does by teaching at Science Academy, a club that she co-founded to get others interested in science. Having traveled to several Spanish-speaking countries, Neha also enjoys learning Spanish.

Puja Chopade
Puja Chopade is a tardigrade. She lives under the moss in your backyard. Her hobbies include being annoying, but do not make her mad because she is unfortunately very indestructible. Her favorite animal is a capybara, and she will be attending the Research Science Institute this summer. Puja is interested in neuroscience and would like to earn a medical degree.

Justin Pan
Justin Pan is a junior who enjoys math and physics. He is a part of his school’s math team and basketball team. Outside of school, Justin likes to play guitar and solve Rubik’s cubes. He hopes to pursue a degree in applied mathematics.

Thomas Nguyen
Thomas Nguyen is a graduate of Bob Jones High School. He will be attending the University of Alabama at Birmingham in the fall of 2022, majoring in biomedical engineering. He really enjoys chemistry, physics, and biology. Thomas is involved in piano, chess, and teaching, and a favorite past-time of his includes reading books. Other than that, he enjoys sleeping.

Aubteen Pour Biazar
As a lifelong resident of Madison, Alabama, Aubteen Pour-Biazar has been a student in the Madison City Schools system since kindergarten. Service is a large part of his life, exhibited by serving as the fundraising chair of the United Way Youth Leaders Council of Madison County, president of the Bob Jones Math and French Honor Societies, and the captain of Bob Jones's debate team. At Duke University, Aubteen will pursue an undergraduate degree in public policy before entering law school. His long-term goal is to be in a position where he can give back to Alabama by helping advance the quality of life in the state.