Arcadia High School

Arcadia High School

Cherryl Mynster, Coach
Coach Cherryl Mynster earned her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and master’s degree in education at the University of California: Los Angeles.  Coach Mynster has been teaching chemistry for twenty three years.  In addition to teaching and coaching Science Bowl for over  fifteen years, Coach Mynster has also coached Science Olympiad and Ocean Sciences Bowl.   She enjoys the fast paced nature of the Science Bowl matches and the collaborative opportunities that bring students together in a fun, competitive forum.

Jeshwanth Mohan
Jeshwanth Mohan is currently a senior at Arcadia High School, the one in California. He goes by Jeshu, but at this point, he has so many nicknames he will answer even when his teammate is recognized. He takes pride in being the pioneer pRO gUeSsEr of Arcadia High School despite getting the majority of his blind guesses wrong. He is currently taking AP chemistry and believes that he writes the best error analyses because of the sheer amount of practice he has gotten by going aBoVe AnD bEyOnD, such as getting 300% error. In his free time when he is not writing excellent error analyses, he plays soccer for both his school and club team. Though he likes the competition, he misses his glory days from lower division soccer. This will be his first time participating in the national competition and Jeshwanth hopes to meet his friends from Wayzata High School which he previously attended.

Xing Liu
Xing Liu is a junior at Arcadia High School. He enjoys art and mathematics — especially intersections of the two. In his free time Xing stares at clouds, animates cartoons, paints nature, builds robots, programs landscapes, and reads everything he can get ahold of. He enjoys his classes because he likes pain, and involves himself in way too many of Arcadia High's science teams to get any sleep. He also programs for his school's App development team and lectures weekly for his astrophysics club, mostly for the fun of it. As for the future, Xing has a weirdly large amount of experience doing web development, but looks down on the profession, leaning more towards physics and civil engineering. He hopes for a softer world.

Selena Zhang
Selena Zhang is a senior at Arcadia High School. She is on the Science Olympiad team (she wishes this could be written in aristocratic code) and the school math team, which she took four tries to get into despite specializing in math for Science Bowl. Selena’s favorite class is comparative government, as it is incredibly applicable and analogous to her Science Bowl team. For example, she has fought off many coup d’etats for power from her fellow teammates and seen her party overthrow the dominant party at regionals, just like PAN overthrew PRI in Mexico (this made a pretty bad motivational speech). In her free time, Selena enjoys taking walks, trying to play tennis, and watching tennis. In fact, she spent her only all-nighter watching the Australian Open. Selena hopes to major in biomedical engineering, along the pre-med track.

Sonia Zhang
Sonia Zhang is a senior with many interests, including math, chemistry, biology, tennis (though admittedly pretty bad at it), sustainability, and browsing food videos. She is also on her school’s math team and is one of the tyrants, or no, captains of Science Olympiad. Outside of academics, she also enjoys playing the same five pieces on the violin and piano, trying to delve into her deep, philosophical self by following the footsteps of Marcus Aurelius, and learning how to be socially competent enough to hold a conversation for more than ten seconds. She hopes to get a degree in either chemical or biomedical engineering and hopefully become a productive citizen using it.

Brian Lam
Brian Lam is a senior who primarily mains in biology, earth science, and particle physics. He is also part of the school's other academic teams including Quizbowl, Ocean Science Bowl, and Science Olympiad. He particularly enjoys his study hall period, which he thinks was the best decision of his high school career. During meetings, he likes ProGuessing 50/50 questions and asking the team moderator to raise their voice. In his free time, he is an avid Haikyuu fan that unfortunately lacks the hops, height, and athleticism, and as such saw academics as his only path to success. He also enjoys watching Veritasium, the absurdity that is National Football League and National Basketball Association morning talk shows, and is working to develop his language skills in Spanish. In college, he hopes to study biology or biomedical engineering.