The Davidson Academy of Nevada - Arizona Regional Middle School Science Bowl

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Alexander Weaver is a seventh-grade student who is interested in earth science, astronomy, physics, and computer science. In his free time he enjoys reading textbooks, programming, reading about politics, and forcing his teammates to study. He also enjoys arguing that chemistry is bad and that earth and space is the best category. Alexander hopes to eventually compete in IESO, IOL, and IPhO and to be the captain of the winning NSB team at least once. 

Ethan Chan is in seventh grade. His hobbies include playing chess, reading, and doing Science Bowl. He also enjoys laughing at the rest of his team for being obsessed with ice cream. He also likes programming in python. His favorite subjects in school are math, physics, and chemistry. He looks forward to using the Science Bowl ice cream machine when in-person Science Bowl becomes a thing again. 

Yajur Chandar is a seventh-grade student who is interested in biology, chemistry, chess, and recreational ping pong. He has a rating of 1700 on and is continuing to try to get better at the game. Additionally, he used to swim at the local swim club until the COVID-19 pandemic came around. He also likes to go to the park with his brother and play frisbee. Finally, he hopes to qualify for the IBO and IChO competitions.  

Dallin Guisti loves programming. He spends most of his time learning new programming languages or messing around with a Linux terminal. In addition to programming, Dallin is also interested in math and science. Although many areas of science are intriguing, he particularly enjoys physics. His main goal in life is to create a computer representation that can simulate the consumption of ice cream at the National Science Bowl. Dallin is very disappointed that he has to miss out on the legendary Science Bowl ice cream machine, but is excited to continue to learn while participating in the competition. Despite his love of learning, none of his interests compare to his fondness of soft serve ice cream. 

Isabella Tran is a seventh-grade student who became interested in science at an early age when she was experimenting with the various ways to invent a perpetual bowl of ice cream.  In addition to the hope of making enough ice cream with her invention to satiate her bottomless appetite for pistachio flavored ice cream, Isabella also aims to solve the world food scarcity and eliminate the harmful greenhouse gases from depending on cows for ice cream.  She is still working on feeding the world with endless ice cream in a sustainable way but in her spare time, she hangs out with sane compatriots at activities such as Science Bowl Club, various math competitions, debates, and club swimming. 

Coach Brett Guisti has been teaching science for 16 years, including eleven years at the Davidson Academy of Nevada.  He earned a B.S. in physics and an M.S. in technology, both from Brigham Young University.  He has taught a number of courses related to the physical sciences including physics (at several different levels), chemistry, astronomy, robotics, engineering, quantum mechanics, and philosophy of science.  Aside from science, Coach Guisti enjoys sports and spending time with his wife and four boys.