Robert Frost Middle School - Maryland/ DC Regional Middle School Science Bowl

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Coach Cheryl Levine is in her first year at Robert Frost Middle School, teaching seventh and eighth grade Science.  This is her fifth year of teaching in MCPS.  Earlier educational background is in the area of science, obtaining a B.S. (health Studies)/MSPT (physical therapy) from Boston University.  After raising a family for eleven years, she returned to school and the workforce. In 2015, she obtained an M.A. in teaching and special education from The George Washington University, with a brain Injury specialty.  Her science interest is based around genetics, anatomy, and biological processes and research.  Science is her passion!  She taught special education in MCPS her first four years of teaching.  She looks forward to coaching the Science Bowl team next year.  She loves family time, being a mom to her three sons, outside activities, relaxing, being with her dog Rufus, and spending time with her husband. Her favorite flower is a sunflower! Maryland is home!  

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Yunyi Ling is an eighth-grade student at Robert Frost Middle School. He has actively participated in math and science competitions since fourth grade, achieving several notable accomplishments this year such as making USAJMO and USAPhO, and scoring first place in the Maryland MATHCOUNTS state competition (thus making nationals). He particularly enjoys researching different animal species. Outside of STEM, he likes to fish, play tennis, and read.

Arjun Samavedam is a seventh-grade student at Robert Frost Middle School.  His interests include math, science, and engineering. He actively participates in regional and national math competitions, and enjoys problem solving. His exposure to science and hands-on activities from early on led to his interest in science fair participation. He was nominated to Broadcom MASTER’S in Engineering Category this year from his local science fair ScienceMONTGOMERY. He has also participated in FIRST robotics programs, where he enjoys programming and building many challenges, and went to the state tournament in Maryland this year. Aside from academics, he also enjoys playing tennis, playing piano, and spending time with friends.

Kian Dhawan is a seventh-grade student at Robert Frost Middle School. His interests include math, geography, and swimming. In his free time, he enjoys solving puzzles, doing math problems, and improving his skills and speed solving a Rubik's Cube. He is a two-time National Geographic Bee school champion at his elementary school and a finalist in the 2019 National Geographic Bee state competition. Aside from academics, he also enjoys playing tennis, playing the clarinet, and giving clarinet lessons to younger students. He eventually hopes to pursue a career in medicine and mathematics.

Eric Ma is a seventh-grade student at Robert Frost Middle School. He spends his free time playing tennis, playing clarinet, cooking, and coding. He also enjoys watching videos about science, particularly physics and astronomy. Eric wants to pursue a career in STEM, possibly in computer science. His favorite subjects at school are science, math, and PE.

Meghna Singh is a sixth-grade student at Robert Frost Middle School. She specializes in biology and loves to read, paint, and swim!  She has an older sister who is 21, and a dog named Ollie! A few other clubs she participates in include Book Wars, Quiz Bowl, and Frost Byte News! She hopes to become a virologist or an immunologist, and a fun fact about her is that she loves the musical Hamilton!