Preston Middle School - Colorado Regional Middle School Science Bowl

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Coach Logan Burke is a seventh-grade science teacher, currently in her eighth year of teaching. Coach Burke graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in science education and an emphasis in biology.  Along with the Science Bowl, she is also involved with the Science Olympiad. Other than teaching, Logan loves to travel and to be outdoors; hiking, camping, and snowshoeing.

Coach Amy Schmer is a middle school Principal in Fort Collins, Colorado. She has experience as an elementary school teacher, middle school English and science teacher, dean of students, and assistant principal. Amy attended the University of Northern Colorado to pursue her passion of geology, and found her passion for kids along the way. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, being outdoors, and discovering new places.

Lily Siple is in the eighth grade at Preston Middle School. She loves reading, music, and science. She was a part of her elementary school’s Odyssey of the Mind team in fourth and fifth grade, and both years her team made it to worlds, placing tenth and thirteenth respectively out of about 70 teams. Lily has also received multiple first place awards for Science Olympiad at both regional and state competitions. She’s been doing both Science Olympiad and Science Bowl since sixth grade. Lily has been a part of multiple volunteer groups, from her local Humane Society to GlobeAware, a nonprofit organization through which she and her family went on a volunteer vacation to Guatemala. In her future she hopes to be a civil engineer, and visit many places across the world to help people in need. Her dream is to find a way to incorporate the science she loves into assisting those who need it.

Bella is an eighth-grade student excited to compete in the National Science Bowl competition this year. She enjoys playing volleyball and running track, as well as playing the piano and violin. Bella has competed twice in the Odyssey of the Mind world competition in elementary school. She has participated in Science Bowl for two years. Bella is also a former girl scout, and has been nominated for the student athlete leadership team - in which she has been able to volunteer for events such as the Special Olympics, as well as Stand for Courage - an anti-bullying initiative. She hopes to work in the medical field someday, and adores her rescue dogs - Peanut and Dale. Most importantly, she wants everyone to know Coach Burke is the best coach ever! 

Peter Walton is a seventh-grade student at Preston Middle School. He enjoys math and science. He has been in the Science Bowl before, but he did not make it to the national competition. This year, he is ready for whatever the competition has in store. His favorite subject is science, followed by algebra. He is the youngest person in his geometry class. He is currently enrolled in an outdoor recreation club, where he has learned many skills. Peter wants to be a doctor in the future and loves everything about biology. He is teaching himself about black holes, and exotic matter. 

Connor Folkman is an eighth-grade student that loves to shoot basketball in his driveway and practice baseball in his spare time. His favorite subject in school is of course, science and math. He also loves to play golf with his grandpa on the weekends whenever he can depending on when he has baseball tournaments. He is an only child with no pets right now and lives with his mom and dad. When he was in his early years of elementary school, his dream job was to be a jedi working for the jedi counsel. His dream job right now is to become a professional baseball player, but plans on studying life science in high school and college. He is also involved in some other extracurricular activities that include Science Olympiad and MATHCOUNTS. This semester, he has three science classes which includes the regular science class, and had two science classes last semester that included the regular science class.

Keaton Thomas is an eighth-grade student that loves to read. He also likes to play soccer and to run. He wants to be a NASA engineer when he grows up. He would like to go to Cornell when he is ready. He also likes to play chess, and he is a really fast reader. He loves his dogs, Molly and Splash, and he likes to draw. He is really interested in stars and constellations.