Odle Middle School - Northwest Regional Middle School Science Bowl

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Coach Michael O’Byrne is mostly a physics teacher at Interlake High School.  He feels honored to have helped the Odle team form and compete in NSB.  Michael is continually amazed by the breadth and depth of knowledge that the Odle team has developed.  Michael does not have any spare time and likes it that way.  He is currently coaching three soccer teams and squeezes in crosswords, chess, golf and doing the laundry.  Coach O’Byrne is grateful to have co-coach Sudha on the team!

Ashwika Sharma is an eighth-grade student who is passionate about chemistry, physics, and math. She’s been participating in math and science competitions since third grade, takes pre-calculus, and is in the math and science clubs at her school. Ashwika is a technology enthusiast and tinkers with code in her free time. She also enjoys playing the violin and piano, reading a variety of genres, and photography. Ashwika is excited to delve deeper into physics and chemistry in high school, as well as explore computer science/engineering courses in college.

Rishabh Vakil is a seventh-grade student whose favorite subjects include astronomy, geography, and coding. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, playing board games with his family, and rock collecting. In high school, he would like to pursue coding in Java, learning Spanish, and playing the trumpet. He holds a third-degree black belt in Taekwondo and enjoys teaching others the sport as a volunteer. Some other sports he likes are swimming, badminton and table tennis. He hopes to pursue a career in astrophysics, astrobiology, or nanotechnology.

Eesha Jain is an eighth-grade student who enjoys biology, math, and computer science. During her free time, she likes reading books as well as program cool projects that integrate her passion for science. She likes exploring the outdoors and enjoys doing activities such as hiking and skiing in nature. Eesha has continuously participated in math competitions that encourage her to solve problems in creative ways. In the future, Eesha hopes to pursue a career that integrates her love for science with her passion for computer science to solve problems and make the world a better place.

Roy Su is a student who likes running and biology. He plays tennis and participates in math club after school. He likes using computers and watching videos. After high school, he would like to study science and math. He also enjoys playing computer games and chatting with people online. In his free time he likes to cook eggs and bacon.

Vishnu Mangipudi is a seventh-grade student at Odle Middle School, located in Bellevue, WA. He is very passionate about math and science concepts, and his favorite subjects include math, physics, and chemistry. Additionally, he loves to code as well, having worked on projects such as emulating the popular Pokémon game, or creating a neural network that could diagnose heart arrhythmias (diseases). In his free time, he likes to sing, cook, and record educational videos for his YouTube channel STEAM Aspirations. He also likes to play the saxophone, as well as golf and tennis. He wishes that he could experience the unlimited free ice cream (at the 4-H center) that everyone speaks so fondly of, but nevertheless, he is glad that he is still able to participate in the national competition.