Murray Middle School - Western Kentucky Regional Middle School Science Bowl

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Coach Sheri Muehleman has been an educator for over 25 years. She graduated from the University of Louisville and Murray State University. She is currently in gifted education.  She lives for traveling and enjoys challenging her students. Science Bowl has been a great opportunity to enhance student achievement.

Coach Mechelle Morgan has been in education for 15 years. Coach Morgan started as a middle school science teacher for thirteen years, then served as the STEAM teacher before taking the digital learning coach position. She earned her bachelor's degree from Murray State University, a master's degree from Michigan State University, and a rank one from The University of the Cumberlands. Coach Morgan is a Google certified trainer.

Selvam Antony is a seventh-grade student who enjoys math and science, particularly science involving outer space. He enjoys reading and studying about computer parts and loves reading fantasy, especially the Harry Potter series. After his education, he wants to become an astrophysicist and work with NASA.

Amelie Johnson is a seventh-grade student who spends most of her days flying…through the water that is. As a competitive swimmer, Amelie is happiest when she sees negative numbers.  This means her times are dropping. As an avid member of the Murray High School golf team, Amelie tries to increase the amount of kinetic energy that will be transferred from her club to the ball and to avoid various biological obstacles that seem to get in her way. Aside from these athletic pursuits, Amelie is very intrigued by the math and science fields, finding interest in nature’s organization. She hopes to go to a college where she can study aerospace engineering and continue her quest for lower scores – outside the classroom, of course.

Cullen Larkin is a seventh-grade student who participates in many activities. He likes animals and wants to have a pet caique.  He strives to become a zoo veterinarian and wants to help animals in need. He is an active scout, and he wants to achieve eagle one day. He hopes to travel out of the country and visit every continent -- except Antarctica.

Ali Yarali is a seventh-grade student whose favorite classes are math and science. From a young age, he was mainly introverted and took an interest in solving puzzles and using his brain. He hadn’t found much interest in reading and writing, though. Yarali is also interested in chess and computer programming. He plans to go to an Ivy League college in the future, preferably MIT or Stanford. Ali’s career goal is most likely going to be in the technology industry, probably as a computer programmer, but there are other aspirations as well.

Ethan Peng is a fun and hard-working seventh-grade student. He has many interests inside and outside of the classroom. He is on the Murray youth swim team and has swum at several state championship meets. He plays the alto saxophone in the band and earned first chair in the All-District Honor Band this year. He has represented his school on the Odyssey of the Mind Team, the Academic Team, and the Chess Team in regional, state, and national/international competitions. Ethan was named the Murray Ledger & Times’ student of the week earlier this year. He is honored to participate in the National Science Bowl.