Davis Drive Middle School - Carolina Regional Middle School Science Bowl

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Adhav Kumar goes to Davis Drive Middle School.  In science he enjoys studying and learning about stars and the universe. Astrophysics has always interested him and he likes theoretical science as a whole. But he likes all fields of science and that’s why he joined Science Bowl. One day Adhav hopes to be able to work in a field of astronomy, assuming the earth hasn’t been destroyed by the time he graduates. His other hobbies include playing violin and reading. Adhav likes making and listening to music and also loves competitive games from sports to academic competitions to board and card games that he often loses.  (He didn't say he was good).

Avery Yang goes to Davis Drive Middle School. Besides math he likes tennis, watching NFL, and board games. If Avery were reincarnated, then he would choose to be a peregrine falcon, which can travel at 220+ mph. His favorite topic in science is astronomy and his least favorite is biology.

Markandeya Yalamanchi is an eighth-grade student at Davis Drive Middle School.  He does not like earth science, specifically rocks because rocks are the subject that he tends to mess up.  He does, however, like studying the brain, as it’s one of the most interesting organs.  Markandeya would like to touch and work with a brain one day and look into it further.  He also likes studying diseases, especially since we are in the middle of a pandemic. He thinks epidemiology is interesting. Outside of science, He likes messing around with beat-making softwares and making random music that sounds good.  He also likes playing video games a lot, specifically games in the Mario franchise.  He wishes he was as good at science as he is at Mario.

Parisa Majumdar is thirteen-years-old and goes to Davis Drive Middle School. Her favorite subjects are math and science, but she really likes reading and writing (specifically poetry) too. She enjoys some sports such as golfing and swimming.  Parisa loves biking outside, playing badminton, and playing the piano as well.  She is hardworking and helpful to others.  Parisa’s  favorite branch of science is biology, precisely human biology. It is interesting to her to learn about how humans play a major role in the world along with plants, animals, etc. She thinks everyone should have some importance to biology because it deals with the life around them and how they are made from life. Parisa also likes learning about genetics, the brain, and a bit of biochemistry as well.

Abhishek Shah is an eighth-grade student at Davis Drive Middle School.  He dislikes earth science and energy, particularly oceans.  His favorite subjects are physics and biology, although botany is pure torture. If I were to go into science fields, I would become a theoretical physicist, although my preference would be computer science. Computer science is something I like to do in my free time, as well as play the piano. I also used to play chess, but quit after my brain was nearing depletion.