Westview High School - Oregon Regional High

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Coach Fabian Mak teaches a variety of science classes at Westview High School, from which he graduated in 2003. He has a B.S. and M.S in aerospace engineering from Georgia Tech, and an M.Ed. from the University of Oregon. This will be his fifth time coaching a team to the NSB.
Coach Mak lives with his partner, his German Shepherd/Corgi crossed dog, and twin tuxedo cats named Luke and Leia. He has been fortunate to stay near his long-time friends and family in the beautiful town of Beaverton. When he is not teaching or coaching, he imitates teenage behavior to better relate to them. He actively procrastinates his grading and plays video games late into the night. His greatest challenge is playing League of Legends. Despite his best efforts to match his students’ skill levels, he has been unable to drop to Iron IV.

John Wang is a senior at Westview High School. He spent most of his freshman and sophomore years playing Tetris Friends at school, reaching over 700,000 points in Marathon before the website shut down ;(. While John enjoys biology at school, his expertise in Science Bowl is the interrupt incorrect, a skill he has perfected over three years at Westview. He can commonly be found running in the morning if he wakes up, and has been part of the track and XC team for four years. In the future, John hopes to study computational biology.

Coby Tran is a senior at Westview High School and specializes in math, physics, chemistry, biology, and energy. When he’s not studying, he enjoys reading, playing Geoguessr, and bottom fragging in Valorant. He also helps organize and writes questions for mock Science Bowl tournaments. Besides Science Bowl, Coby participates in Quizbowl, where he specializes in religion and econ.

Matthew Westley is currently a junior in high school.  This is currently in his fifth year of Science Bowl.  He really enjoys science and learning in general, and so he also participates in activities like Science Olympiad and Quizbowl.  During school, Matthew enjoys mostly science and math subjects, such as physics and calculus, but he also really likes taking engineering-focused classes like CAD and robotics.  Outside of academics, he enjoys reading (currently books from The Cosmere by Brandon Sanderson) and playing board games with his family. Some board games that he really enjoys are Mage Knight, a turn-based RPG, and  High Frontier, a game about space exploration.  Matthew has been interested in space exploration from a young age, and hopes to one day be an aerospace engineer, working to advance the cause of space exploration.  In addition to space travel, Matthew is also interested in biology and may instead pursue a career in research instead, as far as he knows.

Ivan Philip is a junior at Westview. As a member of the Science Bowl team Ivan feels extremely driven to become the best earth and space player there ever was. One of the things that interest Ivan the most is geology. The way that rocks are formed is an amazing process to him. Some of the rocks you look at might have existed before humans had even evolved yet. Rocks exist on an entirely different timescale than anything else which truly amazes him. In the future, Ivan wants to go into the field of data science so that he can spur on the advent of robotic geologists. Think of the possibilities, Venus, Mars, perhaps even Mercury. Think of the undiscovered rocks and minerals that could be found in the future. He even hopes to preserve the personalities of the earth science discord server mods in robotic geologists.

Zachary Zhang is a junior who attends Westview High School. One day he decided to get to Science Bowl nationals, and ended up making it somehow. Since he managed to do that he doesn’t really know what to do so isn’t really doing much else. Zachary enjoyed studying physics so he decided to main it, however it became very confusing, so he is very confused. Despite doing Science Bowl, he doesn’t have a particular interest in doing science in the future, although he doesn't really have a particular interest for doing anything (other than eating rice of course).