Thunder Basin High School - Wyoming Regional High School Science Bowl

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Coach Fulton teaches a wide variety of subjects from chemistry to chemistry; she has a large repertoire of knowledge learned from constant off topic questions from her students. She is the sponsor for Science Club, for which all are grateful, and the crazy mother that leaves the stove on when you go for vacation that we all know and love. Coach Fulton's hobbies, as far as we know, are her dog and maybe her boyfriend, but mostly her dog which takes priority over us. Fun facts about Coach Fulton are that her room is constantly a fire hazard, has not had a free Saturday since January thanks to Science club, and over all is one of the most relatable and considerate teachers the club has ever had. She has taught for four years and attended University of Wyoming.

Josh Walker is an interesting young man holding the school record for most eye wash stations used in a week. One of the co-presidents of Science Club he works on motivating the entire team to study once a year. He spends most days after school in the club room studying or running athletics while dreaming of one day actually getting someone to listen to him. Loud, tall and energetic you would swear someone needed to cut his sugar supply until you realized he had not had any, yet. Josh's favorite subject is history and his future plans are to attend a military service academy. Most still don't know why he came to Science Club or if he will ever stop sleeping in the cabinets, but people have learned to tolerate him after he promised to bathe regularly.

Robby Adams is the brains of the bunch, and like the brain he is renown for both his genius and terrible ideas. Having tested out of several advanced courses Robby comes to Science Club mainly to spend more time in the chemical closet where every day he gets a little closer to finally finding a cure for cancer, or maybe how to cause it. No one is really sure but either way he knows more in his senior year than most of us will by the end of college. Robby's hobbies include math, science, world domination, and hanging out with his friends. The team appreciates his advanced knowledge and his calm attitude when the pressure is on. Robby plans to attend the University of Wyoming for a degree in a math based field. Wherever he goes we assume the men in black are following.

Danielle Jones is one of the co-presidents of the Science Club. While she wouldn't admit it if you paid her she is a vital part of the team for connecting everyone. She is a cornerstone of the club for the awkward puns she tries to sell. Her ability to attract recruits through her awesome social skills is what got Science Club off its feet this year and she pulls more than her fair share of weight as the physics specialist and musical talent of the group. Her hobbies are reading, being alone, school plays, and cross country. While she may be the only one laughing at her jokes Danielle is a hard worker and liked by everyone. She plans to attend the University of Wyoming and study environmental science or physics. When spotted out and about it is recommended you don't make eye contact or she might just melt into the floor.

Chandler Nannemann is the resident intellectual of the group. Never seen arriving on time or even studying for that matter Chandler seems to acquire knowledge purely through conversations with people who did not sleep through class. Chandler's hobbies and interests include speech and debate and science club. Chandler may not have ever covered the material in Science Bowl but given three seconds to discover and reinvent the laws of nature in his own mind he can give a solid guess on things no one has a clue on. Appreciated for his interesting conversation and his commitment to going along with just about anything, Chandler is always given a warm welcome when he bothers to show up to Science Club. Chandler will be attending the University of Wyoming.

Luke Tracy is the moral anchor of the group. If you wanted to describe Luke in the fastest possible way would be Linus from Charlie Brown if he was 18. Luke specializes in causing mass confusion by being one of two Luke's we have in Science Club and being both perpetually tired and excited at the same time. Luke helps remind the team that good people do exist and we should pretend to be like them. Luke's hobbies are the school plays, cross country, and walking a mile around the school building every morning before class. The resident artist of the group no science competition is complete without him playing pictionary on the board. Luke allows nothing to change his pace in life, regularly sleeping on the floor when his brain runs out of energy. Luke will be attending Brigham Young University.