The Science Academy Of South Texas - UTRGV Regional High School Science Bowl

Coach Luis Gasca enjoys helping students maximize their potential. In his seven years as a teacher he has enjoyed teaching chemistry, physics, and astronomy. A graduate of Texas A&M University's aerospace engineering department, he enjoys promoting space exploration and education. In his spare time, he enjoys building and painting models and miniature figures.

David Chi appreciates being an all-around individual, he finds great pleasure in making music, playing his guitar in his off time, with a knack for wordplay. David has a passionate interest in chemistry and has participated in the Chemistry Olympiad and Texas’ UIL Science state competition since his sophomore year. His other interest revolves around programming and designing bots for the team’s discord server.

Alvaro Mayorga is a rising college freshman from the Rio Grande Valley. He is interested in biology, genetics, and chemistry. He hopes to pursue a career as a physician and specialize in infectious disease.

Lovin George is a rising college freshman from South Texas. He is interested in astrophysics and engineering. He hopes to pursue a career as an aerospace engineer and conduct research on piezoelectric applications.

Kashish Kumar is a junior at the Science Academy of South Texas and is looking forward to her senior year, hoping that it will fill in for what the last two have misplaced. She is deeply involved with biomedical research and hopes that her most current work using an iPSC-derived cardiomyocyte model for determining therapeutic targets and drug development for the SARS-CoV-2 infection (the infamous COVID-19) induced myocardial injury will make an impact on the long-term treatment of those most affected. She enjoys spending time with her little brother whether it be hunting for cinematic perspectives on Space Engine or lecturing him about artificial cell actuators (or just an absurdly unfair basketball game). This is paired with her slightly unconventional habit of dabbling in almost anything that provides an inkling of entertainment, including almost every obscure nature documentary that has been broadcast within the last 50 years.

Stephano Boyer is a rising college freshman from South Texas. He is interested in physics and astronomy and hopes to one day conduct research in quantum computation.