The Davidson Academy of Nevada - Nevada Regional High School Science Bowl

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Coach Brett Guisti has been teaching science for 16 years, including eleven years at the Davidson Academy of Nevada.  He earned a B.S. in physics and an M.S. in technology, both from Brigham Young University.  He has taught a number of courses related to the physical sciences including physics (at several different levels), chemistry, astronomy, robotics, engineering, quantum mechanics, and philosophy of science.  Aside from science, Brett enjoys sports and spending time with his wife and four boys.

Derek Chien is a senior who particularly enjoys chemistry, immunology, and philosophy. In his free time, he enjoys playing the piano, taking long walks, and contemplating the nature of political entities. He is not sure what he would like to study in college but would like an interdisciplinary education. He eventually plans on becoming a physician and is also considering pursuing research and/or bioethics. He also thinks raisins are a particularly good snack for the brain and enjoys getting up very early.

Griffin Kutler Dodd is a junior, and this is his first year competing in Science Bowl. He specializes in biology, chemistry, and particle physics, and he hopes to major in biochemistry in college. He works in a lab at a local university conducting research on myalgic encephalomyelitis and the gut microbiome. When not studying, he enjoys listening to music, playing the ukulele, reading poetry and classic literature, playing Magic: The Gathering, and discussing the nature of the universe with his cat Mars.

Arvind Murty is a sophomore who particularly enjoys math, physics, and computer science. He currently plans to pursue a dual-degree in math and computer science. Arvind is an avid competitor in all sorts of math competitions and, in his spare time, enjoys cooking, reading fantasy, and most of all, playing Minecraft.

Emmy Bonser is a mildly excitable freshman who is obviously quite excited to be back at nationals for a second time after narrowly missing out last year. She tends to dabble in several categories (both out of interest and out of necessity), but out of everyone on the team, she is the closest to being the absolute antithesis of a generalist. In her free time, she does Taekwondo (third degree blackbelt), kung fu (blue sash), and a very large list of other extracurriculars she does not have the space to list. She would like to thank Adhitya Chandra and Russell Georgi of BASIS Peoria (as well as the rest of the 2019-2020 BASIS Peoria Middle School A team) for giving her the motivation necessary to completely reinvent herself for this year.

Michelle Liu is a senior interested in mathematics. Other subjects she enjoys include earth science and physics. She tutors students in math circles and summer camps and has attended Canada/USA Mathcamp. Outside of school, she enjoys rock climbing, in particular bouldering, and playing the piano.