Stuyvesant High School - NYC Regional High School Science Bowl

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Coach Christopher Mykolyk keeps at this gig because his industrious, insightful, insatiably curious students inspire him daily. Grateful for the life-shaping guidance, wisdom, inspiration and encouragement provided by his best teachers, he aims to pass along something in kind. Fueled by good beats, coffee and art, he revels in the frenzied feast of NYC, the zen of fruitful labor, and seeing his students exceed their own expectations.

Sebastien Beurnier is fresh off the boat from his homeland in France, Sebastien is an aspiring genetic engineer who likes to subdue his homesickness by staring deeply into the pages of Campbell's Biology. A self-proclaimed donut fanatic, he often finds himself ditching homework and his friends to go on late-night excursions to the local donut shop. In his free time, Sebastien always asks his bros if they'd want a cookie, and tries without success to make double-tap flip-reset goals alongside Boeybillen and Youfanzi in Rocket league. He also spontaneously shouts "tuturu!" as an homage to Mayushii and enjoys ruthlessly destroying his friends at pool. In college, Sebastien strives to wield genome editing for the greater good, all while playing an active role in both his community and the lives of his loved ones!

Andy Chen hails from the northwestern province of British Columbia but does not remember much of it.  Andy is an etymology enthusiast with a special fondness for classical music and The New Yorker. When he's not listening to Don Giovanni or reading about the Falklands, he enjoys taking online typing tests. In addition to having perfect pitch, he also plays for Stuyvesant's quiz bowl team and is sometimes an avid book reader. His hobbies include sightreading and HDDTHR farming.

Leon Ma, whose real name is Ma-hammadu (sometimes romanized as Moehammad), is an Emma Watson and Ty Lee fanboy who goes by the nickname Beau Phaedes. His favorite color is green and his favorite animal is fish. His favorite theorem states that the integral of a function's squared modulus is equal to the integral of the squared modulus of its frequency spectrum (colloquially known as Plancherel's theorem). His favorite organic chemistry reaction is the Julia Olefination because it reminds him of the Julia set and his mother's first name is Julia. His favorite object is a car named Holley Shiftwell, which he hopes to ride in one someday. Some other objects he finds interesting include Thorne-Zytkow objects and Will-Ma-Legumes objects. He spends at least half an hour each day engrossing himself in his favorite website, He was formerly a freshman at DBHS and currently a senior at Stuyvesant High School. In the fall, he will be attending DNU.

Kristoff Misquitta blends a passion for aerospace engineering with a love for molecular biology. When he's not tinkering with model rockets to launch in the local park or expanding his Tiktok presence, he loves reflecting on some of his fondest high school memories from before the pandemic, which include long road trips with the Science Olympiad team and movie nights with friends. He's currently working on an experiment that will launch to the International Space Station this summer, and he hopes to pursue similar research opportunities as a freshman at MIT. In his free time, Kristoff enjoys cultivating his rooftop garden as well as struggling through 6x6 Rubik's Cube solves.

Michael Nath is a senior with a passion for fusing molecular biology and computer science, trembling at the mere mention of computational biology. Michael loves to get real by impacting the world around him through his creations, whether it's inventing a Science Bowl match assistant for his school's team or researching effective algorithms locating transcription factor binding sites, all of which he hopes to expand on as an incoming freshman at Stanford University. In his free time, he enjoys playing Rocket League (ranked Diamond lll, notably the 98th percentile of the playerbase), seeking nicer friends, shouting "crazy town," and engaging in verbal slapboxing with close friends.