Redmond High School - Pacific Northwest Regional High School Science Bowl

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Coach Megan Lawson has been teaching mathematics and engineering since 2008. First teaching in Denver, CO, she has been learning to love the gloominess of Redmond, WA over the past five years. Coach Lawson attended the Colorado School of Mines and the University of Colorado, earning degrees in theoretical mathematics, economics, and a master.

Coach Greg Lawson is the amazing librarian at Redmond High School in Redmond, Washington, though he originally hails all the way from the south, having gone to college at The University of North Texas. His time in Washington has taught him how to put up with constant rain, as well as how to play Dungeons and Dragons—an activity he plays with the head coach of the RHS Science Bowl team, Coach Lawson.
Arnav Narula is a current senior and has a fascination with biology.

Medha Venkatapathy is a sophomore who loves spelling words as they sound. Her favorite science is physics and her favorite topics include black holes. In the future, she hopes to work at LIGO in California and discover something 'cool'. This year she qualified for the US Physics team and looks forward to online camp. Outside of physics, she enjoys reading a diverse set of novels like Harry Potter, Harry Potter, and, interestingly, Harry Potter. She loves turtles and can be identified on any online platform by her turtle profile picture. One interesting fact about her is that she saw a turtle in Hawaii when she was surfing (by surfing she would like to clarify it to mean jumping into the ocean to escape any incoming waves). As NSB is online, and she will miss the bunkbeds (note the originality) in the 4-H center dorms, and she hopes to meet new people and learn more. Before she ends her bio, she would like to congratulate her teammates for having better bios and a specific shoutout to the AwesomeMod bot for continuously showering us with NSB questions.

Raghav Narula is a senior who is fascinated by physics and astronomy and enjoys picking up web app frameworks that he’ll probably never touch again. His favorite coding languages are C# and JavaScript so he won’t have to worry about memory leaks that could blow up his entire codebase. He hopes to major in computer engineering and minor as a humus expert. The last statement may have been flipped. Raghav is rarely ever seen without his trusty blue hydroflask by his side, and he can spend hours playing online competitive chess or Settlers of Catan. He loves movie nights with his family and looks forward to meeting new people through Science Bowl as well as spending quality time with his teammates.

Ronak Jaisalmeria is a current junior with a deep-seated interest in biology, chemistry, and math. He loves to spread this knowledge to younger people, and that is why he is part of the board of a science nonprofit. Right now, he really has no direction or aim in life other than to watch Anime, read Manga/Manhwa, and try to win the Science Bowl. Some somewhat interesting facts about him are that he plays violin (shoutout to all the Ling Lings out there!) and loves to watch TV and play video games. He is somewhat of a nice person (at least he thinks so) and loves to play sports outdoors (he’s not good at any of them though.) He hopes to meet new people through the platform of NSB and looks forward to competing!

Rayna Bhattacharyya is a junior at Redmond High school who takes a keen interest in science which is why she enjoys being a part of Science Bowl, Math Club, and AI Club. In the future, she wants to pursue a major in a STEM field. Her current interests are in computer science and chemistry. In her free time, she enjoys singing, watching movies, and hanging out with friends. She is not very outspoken but is usually pretty nice to be around and she values kindness and honesty greatly. And, of course, she is looking forward to the Science Bowl national competition and hopes to do well and have a memorable experience there.