Pullman High School - Inland Northwest Regional High School Science Bowl

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Coach Johanna Brown teaches chemistry, AP chemistry & AP computer science. She earned her bachelor's in chemistry from Western Washington University and a master's in science education from Washington State University. She spends the bulk of her time writing college recommendation letters, coaching Science Bowl & Knowledge Bowl, and arguing with pedantic students about trivial matters. Her main goals in life are to be a great teacher, appear on Jeopardy! and to be able to bring her labs (retrievers) to school. Educationally, she is passionate about un-grading, POGIL, and the NGSS. Coach Brown lives out in the country where she enjoys cycling, skiing, and gardening. She is incredibly proud of this team and thankful that they put up with her ridiculousness, especially her Twitter addiction: @johannabrown.

While she’s not Science Bowling, Yiqing Du has many hobbies. She enjoys baking sweet treats like brownies and cookies, not all of which turn out edible. She also enjoys spending time with family playing badminton and taking walks. Not only that, she also has an unhealthy obsession with binge watching shows on Netflix and videos on YouTube. She is currently a junior at Pullman High School, and has future aspirations in pursuing a career in STEM, particularly in the field of biology.

Euan McCubbin is a junior at Pullman High School, located in Pullman Washington--a town notable for exactly two reasons, WSU and lentils. It's the lentil capital of the U.S. Euan McCubbin doesn't consume a particularly large number of lentils, but probably more than the average person. He also enjoys walking, he read the term 'exercise' once and has decided to engage in it for the purpose of 'homeostasis' or whatever. When he isn't walking or eating lentils Euan enjoys going to school, it's the only way he can justify waking up at 6:30 to go to jazz band. Fun activities he does at school include eating lunch, and walking up and down stairs. In Euan's Spare time he watches YouTube, or whatever hip media the kids are watching these days, also Vimeo and occasionally Napster. He was told to make this 150 words and as such is doing precisely so. P.S. He can't count.

Ravi Lin is a senior at Pullman High School.  His favorite science subjects are physics and chemistry. In college he plans on majoring in materials science but doesn’t really have any concrete plans for his future. Some of his favorite things to do outside of school are hanging out with his friends, playing soccer and tennis, reading anything from science fiction to Malcolm Gladwell, solving crossword puzzles, procrastinating, and eating good food. He also likes spending time outdoors biking, cross-country skiing, and backpacking with his family. He has participated in various extracurricular activities like Knowledge Bowl, Key Club, math team, orchestra, and the tennis team throughout high school. He dislikes thinking about his future, doing English homework, and writing about himself.

Om Sahaym is a senior who enjoys many activities at his school including Science Bowl, Knowledge Bowl, and DECA. Om is a captain for the school’s tennis team, and also enjoys playing soccer. Other hobbies include playing the violin, reading a wide variety of genres, and hanging out with his friends and family. He is an avid fan of all sports, and if you find him on his phone, there is an 80% chance he is catching up on sports news. Om is undecided on his major in college, but wants to go into the medical field.

Heaven Gebremedhin is a junior at Pullman High School.