Naperville North High School - Illinois Regional High School Science Bowl

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Kevin Farrell has been coaching Science Bowl for the past nineteen years. This will be his eleventh trip to the National competition. Kevin teaches A.P. physics at Naperville North where he has eighteen years of experience. He graduated with a physics degree from the University of Arizona and has two master's degrees. His hobbies include painting, playing tennis, and basketball.

Nicolas Liu is a junior at Naperville North. He likes chemistry. He likes tennis. He will sometimes express his interest in said subjects. He joined Science Bowl for that reason. He likes writing in simple noun-verb sentences. He hopes to continue chemistry and play tennis in the future.

Henry Xie is a junior at Naperville North High School. He enjoys competing in math and physics competitions, and also does those subjects for Science Bowl. In his free time, Henry enjoys playing the violin, reading news articles, and playing ping pong.

Judson Lam is a senior at Naperville North. He likes biology. In fact, he likes biology so much that he specializes in that subject for his Science Bowl team. Not only that, but he also competed in national biology competitions with various successes. In the future, he plans to major in a biology-related field and missing biology questions in the national science bowl competition.

Jacob Cao is a junior at Naperville North. He likes Earth science and astronomy (sometimes). When he is not copying buzzwords into his Anki, Jacob enjoys fixing his sleep schedule and competing in Congressional Debate. Some of Jacob’s hobbies include throwing dimes in ultimate frisbee, uploading biannually to his music Instagram, and giving Nicolas song recommendations. Born exactly 37 years after the legendary chef Gordon Ramsay, Jacob is an avid watcher of cooking videos and hopes to one day “get the bread.”

Geoffrey Wu is a senior at Naperville North. He likes competing in math and physics competitions and doing those two subjects for Science Bowl. He also likes a variety of other activities, like running in cross country and playing chess, and plans on continuing to pursue his academic and extracurricular interests in the future.