Montgomery Blair - Maryland/District of Columbia Regional High School Science Bowl

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Coach Lodal is a senior citizen at Montgomery Blair High School.  He enjoys high fives and empirical determination of evaporation rates in real time. While he doesn't actually know much of the science in the questions at the competition, at practice the students humor him and occasionally call him coach, which he enjoys.  His main motivation for coaching the team is to expand his wardrobe with a plurality of Science Bowl T-shirts.

Chris Tong is a senior at Montgomery Blair. He enjoys learning about chemistry, applied chemistry, and earth science. Chris would be overjoyed to hear a toss-up about anchimeric assistance or blue copper proteins at nationals. In his free time, Chris enjoys playing the clarinet, counting how many children Philip Rivers has accrued, and dunking basketballs on his teammates. He would like to thank his teammates, coaches, competitors, and NSB staff and volunteers for all they’ve done to make Science Bowl such an enjoyable activity over the years.

Caleb Zhao is a sophomore at Montgomery Blair High School, and a follower of the scripture of Neil A Campbell. He ponders often about the deep significance and symbolism in Campbell Biology and ritualistically consults it daily during the spring. In the future, he hopes to supplement his studies of the sacred text with the monumental masterwork of Bruce Alberts, Molecular Biology of the Cell. Aside from his religious studies, Caleb enjoys playing the cello and eating dinner. He also participates in multiple olympiads, having placed first in the 2021 UChO, narrowly edging out Justin in the finals.

Timothy Qian is a senior at Montgomery Blair High School. He enjoys learning about math, physics, and computer science. He aspires to be a professional hockey player in the future. In his free time, Timothy enjoys playing tennis with his viola. He would like to show his appreciation for all the work that the contestants, coaches, and organizers have put into making Science Bowl the great experience it is.

Eric Chen is one of the coolest seniors at Montgomery Blair, according to multiple undisclosed sources. He enjoys lighting tissue paper on fire and exploring the cosmos with his trusty vision spheres. In his free time, Eric gets dunked on by Chris at the basketball court, plays hockey, eats orange slices, and reads conspiracy theories (the good kind). Eric would love to hear a question about Monte Carlo Integration, pop culture, or Biblical theology. He would like to give gratitude to the hard work that the contestants, coaches, organizers, and volunteers have put into making Science Bowl the grand event that it is.

Justin Chen is a sophomore at Montgomery Blair High School. Despite fierce competition with Caleb Zhao, Justin is second to none in his 2021 UChO placing. Although Justin is most passionate about studying mathematics and physics, he is most joyful when answering a biology toss-up, correctly or otherwise. Outside of Science Bowl, Justin ponders about who his favorite senior is and exercises by throwing plastic discs.  Currently Justin is waiting patiently to discover if the tooth fairy is in fact real.  It’s been a few days, perhaps we'll know soon?