Mira Loma High School - Sacramento Regional High School Science Bowl

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Coach James Hill teaches honors chemistry and International Baccalaureate (IB) chemistry at Mira Loma High School in Sacramento, CA.  Before moving to California, he taught upper level science in public schools and junior colleges in Virginia.  James received a B.S. degree from the University of Virginia and a M.S. degree from Radford University.  In addition to being the Science Bowl coach, James is also the director of the Sacramento regional Science Olympiad.  In his spare time, he enjoys playing piano, photography, traveling, and his five labrador retrievers.  Retirement beckons, but he's not there yet; almost, but not quite!  Perhaps he should retire when Jan Tyler retires!  Buzzers in hand, they can go off into the sunset together.  This is his 23rd time coming to the national competition as the coach of the Mira Loma Science Bowl team!

Achyuta Ramesh is a senior at Mira Loma High School who studies biology and math for the Science Bowl team. This year is his fourth year participating in the National Science Bowl, and he enjoys learning about biology and math. Achyuta can also often be found spending hours of his time watching and reading about sports or improving his Madden team. He has also played tennis for eleven years and enjoys playing various other sports such as basketball. Achyuta has also qualified to the USABO semifinals two times and made AIME once. He also enjoys cheering on the Packers but is sad when they lose in the NFC championship, especially to Tom Brady.

Rohan Shelke is a senior at Mira Loma High School. Rohan studies biology and earth science for the team. This is his fourth year competing in Science Bowl, and would have been his third year attending Science Bowl Nationals. Aside from competing in Science Bowl, Rohan enjoys Quiz Bowl questions, and he is also a USABO semifinalist. In his free time, he enjoys biking and watching YouTube and is currently attempting to learn how to roller skate. He also enjoys playing what people call "fake sports", such as tennis-golf and bicycle-polo. He is disappointed that he will neither be able to eat coleslaw at the National Gallery of Art this year, nor be able to watch the finals in the Lisner Auditorium.

Nipun Dour is a sophomore at Mira Loma High School. He has competed in Science Bowl for four years and this is his second year competing at Nationals. Nipun studies chemistry and attempts to get better at math, physics, and anatomy. He often listens to music, runs while watching Marvel movies, does karaoke with his Science Bowl friends, spends too much time on discord, does things more than once, and attempts to play Minecraft with his brother.

Vishwa Akkati is a junior at Mira Loma High School who studies chemistry for the Science Bowl team. This is his second year at the National Science Bowl competition. In his free time, Vishwa loves to read geography questions to his teammates and also enjoys reading books. His hobbies include playing mini-golf, biking on trails, and watching movies. He also enjoys cheering on Tom Brady and is happy when he wins in the NFC championship, especially against the Packers. A couple of fun facts about Vishwa are that his favorite animal is a leo-pard, his dream university is Harvard, and his favorite chemical reaction is the Goblin Rearrangement.

Sarthak Agrawal is a sophomore at Mira Loma High School who studies physics for the Science Bowl team. He is looking forward to competing in the National Science Bowl this year because this is his first year participating in it, but is disappointed that he has to experience his first year online. When not studying physics, Sarthak can be found watching YouTube, playing Minecraft, or playing various games on his Nintendo Switch. He is also fond of playing the piano and the drums, and enjoys playing percussion for Mira Loma’s advanced concert band. A fun fact about Sarthak is that he drinks a lot of milk and likes eating Indian food.