Great Neck South High School - Long Island/Brookhaven National Laboratory Regional High School Science Bowl

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Coach James Truglio received his Ph.D. from Stony Brook University in molecular and cellular biology, where he learned about molecules and cells, and the power of French vanilla creamer. Coach Truglio was once a professional protein solver before retiring and becoming a high school science research and AP biology teacher. His hobbies include living in school, correcting students’ tests, microwaving potatoes, drinking hot sauce, and spending time with his family. In the future, he would like to be the same age as his students’ parents.

Anthony Zhan is a junior who is primarily interested in math, computer science, and physics. Some activities that he enjoys include playing different games, watching YouTube, running, sleeping, skiing, and utterly destroying his teammates at ping pong. In addition to Science Bowl, Anthony also participates in Science Olympiad and various other science and math competitions. Last year, he qualified for the USAJMO. After high school, he would like to work in a field at the intersection of computer science and math, such as cryptography or artificial intelligence.

Bradley He is a junior who focuses on earth science in his Science Bowl and Science Olympiad teams. He is also interested in computer science, attending various hackathons as well as the school’s programming club, and achieving gold division in USACO. In his spare time, he prefers to waste countless hours watching YouTube videos and playing online chess. He also enjoys tormenting his teammate David in table tennis with insane backspin slices that just fall out of his reach, leaving David crying on the floor. In the future, Bradley hopes to get a software engineering job at a big tech company.

Jansen Wong is a sophomore who enjoys everything STEM-related. He loves reading about new developments in computers and environmental conservation. He participates in various Olympiads including the USAPhO and the USAMO, and enjoys coding projects in his free time. During Science Bowl, he enjoys cracking jokes that only he laughs at and making practice sessions a memorable experience for everyone. When he isn’t studying, sleeping, or eating, you can find him in the pool swimming laps to take his mind off his responsibilities and upcoming assignments. In the future, he hopes to find a job working at FAANG that he enjoys and discover the secret to happiness by traveling the world.

David Wang is a junior who specializes in biology and chemistry for his Science Bowl team. After the last bell rings, you can find him working with his Science Olympiad partners, revising articles in the newspaper office, jogging during fencing practice, or taking power naps in the library. He is the vice-president and co-founder of the biology club. In his spare time, David enjoys reading books—whether it be Malcolm Gladwell or a plant biology textbook. He also enjoys practicing ping pong with the rest of his Science Bowl team. Through countless hours of “practice”, he has mastered the reverse side spin backhand ping pong serve, a sure ace.

Matthew Tsui is currently a sophomore who’s interested in biochemistry and relatively. He participates in Science Olympiad, math team, Envirothon, debate, and the fencing team. Matthew plans to major in biochemistry. In his free time, Matthew enjoys collecting Pokemon cards, fishing, hiking, and bird watching (nightmares from ornithology). When he’s not practicing for Science Bowl, or even when he is practicing for Science Bowl, you will surely find him at the table tennis tables. With a combination of overwhelming topspin and advanced ball placement, and his secret weapon, the deadly strawberry flick, his teammates are no match for him.