Dupont Manual High School - Greater Cincinnati Regional High School Science Bowl

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Shirlin Kingston is a senior at DuPont Manual High School. She loves math, and plans on double majoring in math and computer science in college. She greatly enjoys doing scientific research, and she was a ISEF Finalist in 2018. As a passionate advocate for educational equity, she has tutored and conducted summer STEM workshops for underserved students. She also plays the piano and violin, and she enjoys doing Taekwondo, reading, and hanging out with friends.

Luke Mo is a sophomore at DuPont Manual High School. He is interested in math and science, and also plays violin.

Sushruth Muthuluru is a  junior in the math, science, technology magnet at DuPont Manual High School in Louisville, Ky.  Sushruth is most fascinated by biology but also enjoys learning about geology and earth sciences.  Sushruth enjoys playing video games and hanging out with friends, even though they can’t meet in person they meet virtually!

Saketh Sangaraju is a junior at DuPont Manual High School in the math, science and technology program. He enjoys computer programming and learning about all the aspects of our universe.

Tanishk Natu is a sophomore at DuPont Manual High School.  He is passionate about the capabilities of machine learning and AI technology.  Tanishk is also very interested in chemistry and biology, and has participated in numerous Science Olympiad competitions. To spread the joy of science to all, Tanishk is starting a biology club at Manual.