Collierville High School - Tennessee Regional High School Science Bowl

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Coach Mary Ouyang is the coach of the Collierville High School Science Bowl team. As a first-year coach, she’s incredibly impressed with not just how bright her kids are, but how well they work together and execute their individual roles effectively. Aside from coaching, Coach Ouyang loves to travel around the world and sample food from different cultures. As a former schoolteacher, she understands just how important a well-rounded science education is in the context of modern 21st-century society and loves to see her kids excited to compete in Science Bowl. She also loves long-distance running and is currently learning golf.

Alex Zhang is a senior who enjoys studying all things science—the objective truths of the universe. As a mathlete, space fanatic, science educator, and powerlifter, Alex seeks to understand how mathematics, astronomy, education, nutrition, and kinesiology can help humans live more fulfilling lives and better face the problems of the 21st century. In his spare time, Alex likes dabbling in random sports, kdramas, watching the sunset, boba, and BBQ.

Brandon Gong is a senior whose favorite subjects are math, biology, and computer science. Outside of school, Brandon enjoys working on code projects and playing tennis, chess, and piano. His primary area of interest is in using the power of technology and computation to tackle complex problems and assist people in their everyday lives.

Subhash Eedarapalli is a senior who enjoys learning anything involving math, computer science, physics, or biology. In his free time, he loves reading fantasy books, playing tennis and badminton, or engaging in a fun game of chess. His main interest currently involves a blend of medicine and computer science, hoping to draw from both fields to help make people’s lives better.

Kaustubh Koya is a junior who has always been fascinated by the many fields of science, but namely biology and chemistry. As an active member and competitor of several science clubs and competitions, Kaustubh enjoys playing tennis, teaching Taekwondo as a 1D black belt, and learning about human anatomy. He hopes to pursue a career in medicine as a doctor, using scientific problem solving to improve people’s lives so they may develop a more fulfilling and healthier lifestyle. In his free time, Kaustubh loves watching and playing basketball, teaching younger kids math, cooking and eating different types of cuisine, and watching TV shows.

Priyanshu Alluri is a junior who has always been deeply fond of biology, an area of study greatly intertwined with chemistry. He plays and teaches chess, and is often fascinated by the parallels between the principles of science and mathematics and the thought processes chess fosters. In his free time, he enjoys reading and playing tennis and hopes to study immunology, focusing on virus transmission and movement throughout the body.