Brownell Talbot College Preparatory School - Nebraska Regional High School Science Bowl

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Coach Jay Sauer currently teaches a wide range of ages, from eighth grade life science to AP biology. In his six years of teaching, he has taught various forms of life science/biology, marine biology, and AP environmental science. He also tends to the school garden and co-hosts the school's board game club.  He has coached Science Bowl for two different schools, but this year is his first year helping a team to win Nebraska's state competition. Coach Sauer attended the University of Nebraska in Lincoln where he studied biochemistry. He has always had a passion for science, but he knew he wanted to be a teacher after becoming a teaching assistant for various sections of physiology, chemistry, and biology.  After graduating, he earned his masters degree in education. He is constantly surprised by the ambition and compassion of the young scientists he teaches and is so thrilled to help them achieve their dreams.

 Jack Cenovic is a junior at Brownell Talbot. Since eighth grade, he has served as the captain of his Science Bowl team. He enjoys Science Bowl because it allows him to explore his interest in STEM topics, especially biology and chemistry. Jack has been inspired to pursue science by seeing how discoveries in the laboratory can translate into societal advancement. In college, he hopes to study biochemistry or microbiology in combination with business. Outside of Science Bowl, Jack serves as the president of an international service organization promoting STEM and social and emotional learning education, competes regionally and nationally in speech and robotics, writes articles for his school newspaper, and conducts scientific research.

Riley Hawkins is a junior at Brownell Talbot School in Omaha Nebraska, and she is interested in a wide range of scientific areas of study. She particularly enjoys the topics regarding earth and space and astronomy, for example. Outside of science she greatly enjoys a number of subjects in the humanities, with literature, French, and history being some of her favorite areas of study as well. For now, she's fairly undecided in terms of what she plans to study in college, though she certainly hopes it involves science in some form. In addition to Science Bowl, Riley is the vice-president of a STEM education based volunteer organization, she participates in Academic Decathlon, and works on the school yearbook, and enjoys playing the piano.

Josh Randolph is a junior at Brownell Talbot in Omaha, Nebraska. He has always been interested in science because of the emphasis on understanding more about how the world works. Science Bowl provides him a way to test his knowledge and to further learn and understand more about these topics. In college, he would like to study astronautical engineering as he has always been fascinated by space exploration and is an active participant in his school's robotics team. He's incredibly excited and grateful for this opportunity to represent Nebraska and can't wait to compete!

Akshay Mehta is a junior at Brownell Talbot. He has always been interested in Science fields, and Science Bowl has been a great activity to help further his passion. He enjoys competing in robotics, competitive speech, and Academic Decathlon as well. He loves the ever-changing nature of Science and how it always keeps him on my toes with new information. In University, he plans to major in computer science and minor in business.

Aishani Srikumar is a senior at Brownell Talbot School. She has always gravitated towards science because it was easy for her to understand. Unlike humanities, she felt there was always a right answer.  But as she grew older, she began to love the challenge and nuances in the material. She’s interested in Science Bowl because she has always tried to learn more about math and physics in her curriculum. She is thrilled to learn even more and test her knowledge. In university, She hopes to study computer science. She loves the strong community in Nebraska and is excited to represent Nebraska.