Bethlehem Central Senior High School - New York State Capital District Regional High School Science Bowl

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Coach Paul O’Reilly is the coach of the Science Bowl and Masterminds teams at BCHS.  He teaches AP biology and honors biology.  Coach O’Reilly has been putting Science Bowl teams together at BCHS since 1997.  While not working he enjoys traveling, skiing, hiking, and bicycling with his wife Chrissy and two daughters Jessica and Jenna.

Coach Shawn Mowry has been teaching math and science for 24 years and specializing in physics for the past 14 years at Bethlehem Central High School.  He has been assisting/coaching the Science Olympiad and Science Bowl teams for the past five years.  When he is not busy teaching/coaching/mentoring, he enjoys hiking and mountain biking in the woods.

Anthony Han is a senior deeply interested in biochemistry, organic chemistry and biophysics who also enjoys the applications of calculus and differential equations. He is an enthusiastic subscriber to his school’s Science Bowl and Science Olympiad clubs and is a USABO semifinalist and a USNCO semifinalist. He’s planning on attending Johns Hopkins University in the fall, majoring in biomedical engineering. He hopes to pursue a career in research or the medical field, specializing in the development of immunotherapies.

Xiangwan (Sunny) Sun is a senior who is interested in computer science, biomedicine, physics, and the applications of calculus and linear algebra. At school, Sunny is the captain of her school’s Science Bowl and Science Olympiad teams, and the lead programmer and mechanic of her VEX Robotics team. She enjoys experimenting with computer algorithms, tinkering with electronic circuits, and performing immunology and microbiological research at her local medical school. Outside of the science realm, Sunny enjoys serving as the class treasurer, running track and field, and teaching younger students math and Chinese. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies with her friends, hiking, baking cakes, and playing the piano and violin. Sunny is planning on attending Cornell University in the fall, majoring in biomedical engineering and computer science. She hopes to pursue a career in medicine or become a software engineer and develop sustainable solutions for today's most complex problems.

Charlie He is a junior who enjoys volleyball, coding, and music. His favorite subject in school is computer science, and he plans to major in a related field with data science or engineering as another degree. Currently he is working on a project for schedule organization and plans to transfer other projects to google code.

Justin Mo is a freshman who enjoys studying mathematics, the earth sciences, and particle physics. Within the branches of mathematics, he prefers learning and attempting to solve problems involving combinatorics and set theory. He also appreciates the computational aspect of particle physics and the adjacent study of quantum field theory as it provides additional rigour to explanations of known theories and principles. Outside of the sciences, he takes pleasure in reading about American history and follows geopolitics intently. He plans on studying economics for higher education to further his understanding of the world of business and commerce.

Nikhil Radosevich is a sophomore who is interested in computer science, robotics, earth science, and economics. In his free time, he enjoys experimenting with code and new technologies while serving as the programming lead in FIRST Robotics. He also plays ultimate frisbee, runs track & field, and serves as the SPL of his Scout Troop. He hopes to join a software company in a data & analytics position in order to enhance business decisions and promote sustainable ideas.