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  • Announcement of planned new 2017 SciDAC Awards for Computational Nuclear Physics

The Office of Nuclear Physics (NP) and the Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) of the US Department of Energy’s Office of Science (DOE SC) are pleased to announce that they plan to support the following five-year computational nuclear physics projects under the computational science program “Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing” (SciDAC4).

  1. Nuclear Computational Low Energy Initiative

    PI Joseph Carlson (LANL)

  2. Computing the Properties of Matter with Leadership Computing Resources

    PI Robert Edwards (TJNAF)

  3. Towards Exascale Astrophysics of Mergers and Supernovae

    PI William Raphael Hix (ORNL)

Each of these SciDAC projects is a collaboration between scientists and computational experts at multiple national laboratories and universities, who combine their talents in science and computing to address a selected set of high-priority problems at the leading edge of research in nuclear physics, using the very powerful Leadership Class High Performance Computing (HPC) facilities available now and anticipated in the near future (for example, the Summit computer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory).
The general areas addressed by these projects are 1) calculations of the properties of nuclei, their structure, reactions, interactions and decays, using state-of-the-art models and numerical techniques; 2) the properties of strongly-interacting particles (hadrons) composed of quarks and gluons, as predicted by the fundamental theory QCD, studied computationally on a space-time lattice; and 3) computational nuclear astrophysics, including the synthesis of the heavier elements in cataclysmic events such as supernovae and neutron star mergers, and the prediction of multiple observable effects including the generation of gravitational waves. Each project stresses the goal of calculating quantities that will be studied concurrently in experiments at DOE NP facilities.

  • Announcement on the selection of Topical Collaborations in Nuclear Theory recommended for funding

    The Office of Nuclear Physics (NP), on the basis of a peer review, has selected the following Topical Collaborations (to start in FY 2016) for funding recommendation

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