Superconducting laser photocathode RF gun at BNL

Superconducting laser photocathode RF gun
Developed at:
Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), New York and Advanced Energy Systems, New York
Developed in:
Result of NP research:
Electron cooling R&D for RHIC
Application currently being supported by:
Impact/benefit to spin-off field:
New generation of high-brightness, high-current electron sources

A high-Current superconducting laser photocathode RF gun is under construction at the Advanced Energy Systems under contract from BNL. The gun will operate at a high electric field to accelerate quickly high-charge bunches while maintaining their high-brightness.

High current capability is provided by coupling a very high RF power (about 1 megawatt) into the gun. This device will push ahead the performance of high-current CW guns by orders of magnitude and open the way for various applications, such as electron cooling of hadron colliders, electron-ion colliders, high-power Free-Electron Lasers, high-brightness synchrotron radiation user facilities and much more.

Image: the layout of the superconducting laser-photocathode RF gun