Protons and Neutrons for Testing at LBNL

Use of protons and neutrons for testing of microelectronics, optical components and nanostructures for advanced accelerators, ground and space applications, and bulk material damage.
Developed at:
88-inch Cyclotron, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Developed in:
Result of NP research:
Basic NP
Application currently being supported by:
DOD (US Air Force, NRO), DOE (88-Inch Cyclotron Operations)
Impact/benefit to spin-off field:
This work is important for commercial and national security research satellites, spacecraft, ground-based electronics in sensitive server farms as well as at high-flux accelerators and new nanotechnology applications.

Moderate to high intensity protons and neutrons produced by cyclotrons such as the 88-Inch Cyclotron are used for radiation effects studies in a wide variety of applications, for example: a) damage studies of new materials used for superconducting magnets in the next generation of accelerators; b) damage of optical components, microelectronics and detectors to be used in space or accelerator applications, and c) rare but damaging single event effects in memory chips for ground-based computer centers and server farms.