Nuclear Wallet Cards at BNL

Nuclear Wallet Cards
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National Nuclear Data Center, BNL
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DOE-NP nuclear data program
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Standard of radioactive data allowing improved assessment of amount of nuclear materials

Nuclear Wallet Cards,, is a handy booklet summarizing basic nuclear properties of all known nuclei, including spin and parity assignments for ground and isomeric states, nuclear mass excesses, half-lives, isotopic abundances and decay modes. Its 7th edition has been published in 2005. In March 2002, DOE Office of Security, Nuclear Management & Safeguards System has accepted the 6th edition, published in 2000, as its official standard of radioactive decay data. This standardization is important for correct assessment of amount of nuclear materials by different laboratories. The National Nuclear Data Center has agreed to maintain the integrity of this version that is kept "frozen" in time and represents the official, DOE, reference source for nuclear decay information until replaced by a new DOE standard.