Nuclear Reaction Cross Sections Database at BNL


Generation and maintenance of database containing evaluated (recommended) nuclear reaction cross sections for all nuclei relevant to applied technology.

Developed at:
Cross Section Evaluation Working Group including LANL, BNL, ORNL, ANL, LLNL, Academia and Industry
Developed in:
Result of NP research:
DOE-NP nuclear data program, with important contributions from NNSA, Academia and Industry
Application currently being supported by:
DOE-NP, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, DOE-NNSA, Nuclear Industry
Impact/benefit to spin-off field:
Applications in nuclear energy, national security, radiation protection. Improved cross sections for design of nuclear systems

The new nuclear reaction cross section database was released in 2006, the first major release since 1990. This is the next generation evaluated nuclear data library for nuclear science and technology, ENDF/B-VII.0, the major US library dedicated to nuclear reactions. Validation carried out in US and Europe on hundreds of integral experiments proved superior performance of ENDF/B-VII.0.

The new library will play an important role in nuclear technology applications, including transport simulations supporting national security, nonproliferation, advanced reactor and fuel cycle concepts, criticality safety, fusion, space applications, nuclear astrophysics and nuclear physic facility design. The ENDF/B-VII.0 library is archived at the National Nuclear Data Center, BNL, and can be retrieved from .