Ion Sources for High Energy Ion Implantation at BNL

Ion Sources for High Energy Ion Implantation
Developed at:
Brookhaven National Laboratory, New York; High Current Electronic Institute, Tomsk, Russia; Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Moscow, Russia
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Result of NP research:
Alternative pre-injector for RHIC
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High charge-state ion sources that facilitate multi-MeV ion implantation of semiconductors with direct current acceleration instead of the currently used linear accelerators. Benefits are reduction in electric power usage and reduction in implanter size.

Ion source photo and phosphorous ion current spectrum for MeV Implanters. Order of magnitude improvement in currents of P2+, P3+, and P4+ over state-of-the-art was obtained.

Spectrum and photo of an ion source generating High Fraction Boron Ion Source for Ion Implantation. 70% boron fraction represents a factor of 3.5