Global Nuclear Energy Initiative at LBNL

Global nuclear energy initiative
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88-inch Cyclotron, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
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This work is important for R&D in support of the new energy initiative and in training of young scientists for the future work-force in this area

The 88-inch Cyclotron is uniquely positioned to play a role in developing the next generation nuclear reactor, with capabilities that are available now or in the near future. Using transfer reactions, indirect techniques using the LIBERACE (particle-gamma array) detector (shown) can be used to measure 'surrogate' neutron reactions for short-lived isotopes in the actinide region. Complementing this, the neutron beam-line can be used for direct neutron reaction studies on longer-lived actinides that play pivotal roles in the fuel cycle.

Above (left) Silicon Telescope for Reaction Studies (STARS)Above (right) Clover detectors (gamma rays) for light charged particles