Energy Recovery Linac cavity at BNL

Energy Recovery Linac cavity
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Brookhaven National Laboratory, New York and Advanced Energy Systems, New York
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Electron cooling R&D for RHIC
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High current Energy Recovery Linacs

High-current and high-brightness Energy Recovery Linacs (ERL) are emerging technology with numerous applications in science user facilities, industry and medicine. In order to get a very high current, approaching an ampere CW in an accelerator cavity, the power loss to Higher-Order Modes (HOM) has to be minimized and the dangerous HOMs must be damped efficiently.

The highly damped, 5-cell superconducting ERL cavity, operating at a frequency of 703.75 MHz, was developed at BNL's Collider-Accelerator Department, built at Advanced Energy Systems and processed at Jefferson Laboratory for service in ampere-class ERLs. It will soon see service in the high-current ERL under construction at BNL.

Above, the five-cell high-current ERL cavity